Free Passionfruit for life? - Sep 08, 2016

Dear Gardening Friends,

Orange pig face have burst into bloom around the Macarthur District. Even brown thumbs would have no trouble getting these succulents to grow in those hot dry spots where other plants simply drop dead.

Nothing screams spring as loudly as orange pig face! We have all the colours here at the nursery including new varieties that flower for 9 months of the year.


Our Tim's Big Black Passionfruit vines have arrived just in time for spring planting. This non suckering variety has huge sweet tasting black passion fruit. Yvonne took one home 2 years ago and her's produced 100s of Passionfruit. She was bringing them in by the bucket full!
Passionfruit grow best planted on a mound of IGC Planting compost improved soil in a north facing position. They love the sun and this helps them to produce heaps of fruit.

Water twice weekly with a bucket of water. Use Tim's Fast food every spring and autumn to get the best results.


I have fallen in love with The Princess Lavender. It has the most amazing big eared pinkish mauve flowers that really pop.

The bees were busy collecting flowers from our plants in the nursery that are covered in flowers now. If you are planting

Lavender plants in your garden dunk the pot in a bucket of water until all the bubbles stop. This rehydrated the potting mix and gives your plants a better chance of survival.

Lavenders have a vigorous root system so they are always pot bound when you buy them.

Argyle Street in Camden is looking sensational now that all the improvements have been completed and they have planted flowering Pansies in many of the gardens and it just makes the place look loved.

I stopped at the pedestrian crossing to take this photo to share with you.

Wouldn't it be great if Campbelltown Council had the same love of trees and flowers. Council elections are coming up so it might be time to get some fresh faces in the place.

Nea Makowski dropped some flyers in on our counter and I spoke to her about her dreams about making Campbelltown greener and cleaner.

There are parks in Macarthur that are still treeless after 25 years so she might be worth a try?

With more and more houses getting built closer and closer in Macarthur, there has never been a better time to plant a hedge.

A thick wall of foliage can make you feel you have privacy despite the neighbours being so close.

Our famous hedging plant called Goodbye Neighbours has been our biggest selling screening plant for 15 years! It can grow at least one metre a year in our hot and cold climate and it can be pruned to any size or width.

For better results dig planting compost into your soil, mulch around the base with woodchip and water twice weekly.

We have beautiful plants for just $26.00. If you had this neighbour living next door you would need a hedge!!!!


Our Tim's Giant Tomatoes have arrived in the seedling section. This man sized tomato has huge fruit that taste delicious.

It's an heirloom variety so it's grown for taste rather than "can it be thrown in a box and transported all over Australia".

If you love growing big tomatoes then plant one of these.

Great news. Mario Dayoub has joined our Tim's Gardening Service team. Mario is a qualified Horticulturist and Landscaper so he can maintain or create a garden for you.

If you live in the Ingleburn/ Minto area give Mario a call on 0415055109. For other suburbs give us a call at the nursery for franchisee contact details.

Pig is supporting RU OK Day today. This great cause encourages us to call or meet friends who suffer from mental illness or they may just be lonely and need a friend.

Spring is the best time to plant anything in your garden so come and see us if you need some help.

Happy Gardening