It's the first day of Spring!!!! - Sep 01, 2016

Dear Gardening Friends,

Spring has arrived so it's time to plant tomatoes. Fruit fly has become a major pest of tomatoes so it just makes sense to grow a fruit fly resistant variety. Our Tim's Fruit Fly Resistant tomato has apricot sized tomatoes that are sweet tasting and delicious.

Tomatoes can be grown in big pots if you don't own a vegetable garden. Don't be tempted to plant your tomatoes in cheap potting mix or you will almost guarantee failure. Use our Tim's Best potting mix and your plants will thrive. Stake your tomatoes at planting time and use stretchy material like stockings to attach your plant to the stake.

Tomatoes need to be watered daily during the warmer months to prevent "blossom end rot". This condition causes the fruit to get a black spot on the bottom.

If your planting your tomatoes in a vegetable garden prepare the soil first by digging in Tim's Cow Manure. This is real Cow Manure. The chains are selling Composted Cow Manure. This contains only 25% Cow Manure and 75% recycled green waste. This is an inferior product.

Mulch your garden with Sugar Cane and plant your seedlings through the mulch and water well. Don't forget the snail bait! We have a pet friendly product that kills snails without causing death to dogs, birds and lizards. It's called Multiguard Snail and Slug pellets.

Our Tim's Italian Tomato has arrived. This pear shaped tomato has less seeds than other varieties and it tastes delicious. It has soft flesh that can be used to make sauces or just eat it fresh.

This tomato is my favourite for taste. The fruit are huge. Pick them when the fruit turn yellow and ripen on your window sill to avoid fruit fly. This variety is exclusive to Tim's Garden Centre.

Plant cucumbers now. Home grown cucumbers taste delicious and they are so easy to grow. Only plant 3 seedlings and you will be eating cucumbers all summer long.
Pick them when they are small and sweet.
Lebanese is my favourite variety.

Petunias have arrived. My favourite variety is the Oasis Spreading Petunias.
I grow these every year in big pots. I only plant one plant per pot and they spread at least one metre wide. Have you ever seen flowers like this?
They come in white, red, pink, purple, blue and mixed. You get 3 plants per punnet. Fertilise with Tim's Fast Food Fertiliser a couple of weeks after planting and watch them grow!

It's Fathers Day this Sunday. Dad doesn't expect much so he will be very happy with a bag of Tim's Rapid Results Lawn food for just $23.99.He will be twice as happy if you give him one of our $50.00 Fathers Day Gift Cards.
They only cost $40.00 so you will be happy too!

This is your last chance to spray for Bindii and Clover or get your dog a milk crate like pig!

Happy Gardening