New disease resistant roses!!! - Aug 19, 2016

Dear Gardening Friends,
Spring has officially started this morning because my Manchurian Pear Trees have burst into bloom. You will see these white flowering, hardy trees, blooming throughout the Macarthur District for the next 6 weeks. If you are looking for a spectacular spring blossom shade tree then plant one these.
I also noticed that the double pink flowering Ornamental Plum trees are flowering in Glen Alpine this morning. These small trees have gorgeous purple bronze foliage in spring and they are so easy to grow.
If you are a rose lover you will be happy to know that we have some amazing new varieties. Kordes Rose nursery in Germany stopped spraying their roses with fungicides about 10 years ago and then they threw out the varieties that got black spot. Since then they have only bred roses that have a high resistance to fungus diseases.
These Kordes disease resistant roses are now available at Tim's Garden Centre. One of my favourites is a variety called "Sunny Sky". It has large blooms on long stems that have a fruity fragrance. Your nose will be so happy when this rose starts to bloom in October. Plants cost just $27.99 and supply is limited.
If you have room for a climbing rose then Kordes "Golden Gates" rose with its highly perfumed yellow flowers will add much needed colour to your garden. It can grow up to 3 metres wide or simply prune to the required size. It flowers non stop from Spring till Autumn.
"Perfume Passion" is back in stock. This disease resistant rose is said to be the most fragrant in the world! We can't wait to smell these bright pink flowers in spring but I doubt we will have any plants left by then. The roses are born on long stems making them perfect for picking! Plants cost $27.99 less your Tim's Garden Club Discount.
Tim's Fruit Fly Resistant Tomatoes have arrived. This sweet tasting variety has a natural resistance to fruit fly. It hasn't been genetically modified or anything nasty like that. The fruit are apricot sized and absolutely delicious. You can let them ripen on the vine until they have that amazing home grown taste.
If you don't have a vegetable garden then grow your Tim's Fruit Fly Resistant Tomato in a big pot. Stake the tomato and water daily for best results. Don't remove the side shoots, just let it grow wild and you will get heaps more tomatoes. Mulch around the base with Sugar Cane to keep the soil moist.
If you live in a frosty area like me, then wait a couple of weeks before planting.
Pig has been up to mischief this week when his old school buddy Jarryd Hayne kicked a field goal in extra time to beat The Tigers!
Pig has never been a good loser.

Come and see us if you need help in the garden. I hope you sprayed your lawn for Bindii and Clover last week?
Happy Gardening