Get 25% off Hellebores this weekend - Jul 22, 2016

Dear Gardening Friends,

We had beautiful soaking rain this week and while it was raining we fertilised all the plants that are still growing at this time of year.
We used Tim's Fast Food on all our Camellias, Daphne, Gardenias, Pansies, Poppies and Primulas . This really is an amazing fertiliser that releases quickly to give your plants a winter boost.
If you're growing winter vegetables use Tim's Fast Food too. It feeds your plants for 3 months and it has no unpleasant odour.

Our new Hellebores are covered in flowers now. These shade loving plants thrive in those shady spots in your garden or grow them in pots. We are taking 25% off the marked price this weekend for all our Tim's Garden Club Members. There are several colours to choose from including this one called "Anna's Red". Come and check them out.

This new Pink flowering Lavender called "With Love" is proving popular. You can get a nice plant covered in pink flowers with a great perfume for just $15.99. We have been gift wrapping these for customers looking for a cheap flowering gift. They are great value and we don't charge you for the wrapping. Your friends will be delighted.

We still have Strawberry plant crowns and this is the best time to buy them and plant them. You get 6 plants in a bag for just $8.99. These adult plants will fruit in spring.
Grow them in pots or in raised garden beds.
I noticed the growers in QLD are still using black plastic as a mulch to keep the strawberries clean and to prevent the weeds growing. We no longer recommend this practise for gardens but it still works for Strawberries.
Grapevines arrived this week and Jole has been busy potting them up. We now have all those fancy seedless grapes that you find in Woolies that your kids love eating. Grapes grow well in Macarthur. Plant them on IGC Planting Compost Improved soil in a sunny position. They can be grown over pergolas or fences. The grapes will hang down in Summer. So sweet and so much fun to grow.
We have Lady Fingers, Crimson Seedless, Red Globe, Thompsons Seedless to name but a few. Vines cost $29.99. Plant them now!
My Magnolia denudata has burst into bloom in my garden at home this week so Spring must be just around the corner. This is a rarer white flowering variety that's hard to find in the big green shed. It grows about 3-5 metres high making it the perfect sized small tree for today's courtyard sized gardens. Plants cost $34.99.
We have the more common pink flowering variety called Magnolia soulangiana  available too. These are a bit cheaper.
Plant them now in compost improved soil and mulch around the base with Sugar Cane or Cypress Woodchip.
We have a family of Lorikeets that turn up everyday to feed on our Grevillea flowers in the nursery. These potted plants might only be young but they still provide free food for these nectar feeding birds. It's so nice to see nature coming into our nursery.
 You can plant Grevillea's in your gardens if you love native birds. Some of the best varieties include Honey Gem, Moonlight and Peaches & Cream. These larger flowering varieties can be pruned to almost any size.
Honey Gem and Moonlight can be used to screen out nosey neighbours. Grevillea's grow fast so if you plant now you will have a bushy plant covered in flowers by this time next year. We have over 80 varieties to choose from.
Come and talk to our horticulturists if you need help in the garden. I'm working on Sunday's if you would like to talk to me.

Happy Gardening