Olivia's wanted - Jul 01, 2016

Dear Gardening Friends,

We have so much winter colour in the nursery, it almost looks like spring!
An amazing new range of Hellebores have arrived.
These shade loving hardy plants will thrive in those spots where other plants simply drop dead.
They have colourful foliage and spectacular upside down flowers. They only grow about 45cms high so they are perfect for pots all small gardens. They will even grow under trees!!!

Look for one called "Penny's Pink". It has lovely pink flowers and matching pink foliage. It looks great in a pot and it will thrive on your shady patio.
"Olivia's Joy" is a white flowering variety with pink edges. If you know someone called Olivia, here is the perfect gift.
Hellebores can be kept inside for a week or two so you can enjoy the flowers. But then put them back outside.

Our Camellia Volunteer have all burst into bloom. This Camellia Hybrid has glossy green leaves and these amazing pink and white flowers all through winter.
The colder it gets, the bigger the flowers grow. Camellias grow well in pots if you use Tim's Best Potting Mix.
They don't like morning sun because it causes the buds to turn brown and drop off. They will take northern and southern facing positions.

Super Hedge is back in stock. This is one of our favourite hedging plants. Unlike other Photinias, this variety grows bushy even if you never prune it.
It's faster than a speeding bullet and it will block out your nosey neighbours in a couple of seasons if you water it often.
I love the coppery coloured new growth. Never disturb the roots when planting. Gently remove it from the pot and water well.

All plants grow faster if you improve the soil with IGC Planting compost then mulch. I am amazed how many people complain about their plants not growing only to discover that they have allowed the grass to grow around the base and they have no mulch. The grass gets all the water and the plants don't grow.

Orange Trumpet vines are flowering on fences throughout Macarthur. This super fast growing evergreen climber gets smothered in bright orange trumpet like flowers all winter long.
If you have a fence that gets sun most of the day then this vine would be perfect for you. Why look at a boring colourbond fence when you can look at flowers instead. We have nice plants from $15.99.

An exciting new Cordyline called CHA CHA has arrived. I love the beautiful two toned foliage on this plant and it will thrive in big pots or gardens in our hot dry climate.
Use it as the feature plant in your garden then plant Nandina Moonlight and Kaleidoscope Abelias for year round colour and little work.

Pig has been trying to help Macarthur residents clean up. Have you noticed just how dirty our City is? We are all waiting for someone to clean it up. Someone is busy so it's up to us. Pick up the local newspapers from your lawn and the papers in the gutter and it will make a huge difference. Picking up papers is great exercise and very rewarding too.

Come and talk to our Horticulturists if you need help in the garden. Take a photo with your phone and we can help make your garden look great.

Happy Gardening