Frangipani collectors wanted! - Nov 06, 2015

Dear Gardening Friends,

Some amazing rain this week has helped transform gardens around Macarthur. Have you ever seen tomatoes grow so fast?
You can water your garden as much as you like but you just can't beat rain. You may need to put more stakes around your tomatoes now to support all that new growth. We have stakes and special stretchy garden string here at the nursery.

We did an experiment last week on Arthur's Big Greek Tomatoes. Our plants were starting to look hungry so we fed them with Tim's Fast Food. We didn't feed one tray of seedlings so we could compare the results.

You can see by the results just how fantastic this fertiliser is. The plants on the right have grown big thick stems and the foliage is so green and healthy. We are selling these freshly fertilised tomatoes now to raise money for AAF. Please help.

Frangipanis have arrived this week. We have around 45 varieties so we probably have the biggest selection in NSW. Simon has sourced these plants from the Frangipani Capital of Australia, Darwin.

Even the staff have been looking into the boxes to make sure they don't miss out on these exclusive new colours! We have the red flowering varieties too. Our prices are crazy. Only $15.99 less your Tim's Garden Club Discount.

Frangipanis will grow happily in a big pot on sunny patios if you have run out of room in your garden. They actually survive the cold winters better if they are planted near North or Western facing brick walls.

Concrete paths and swimming pools help to provide winter warmth too. Use Tim's Best Potting mix for best results in pots.

I rang our Christmas tree man during the week and he has never seen a better growing season in The Southern Highlands. All they need is some heat now and our cut Christmas trees should look sensational this year. Trees are available from Saturday 5th of December. They make your house smell like Christmas!

Snails and slugs are out and about after all that rain. It's time to put out the snail bait or these slow moving monsters will eat all your plants. Multiguard Snail and Slug pellets kill these slippery pests without killing your pets and wildlife. We have these in the green box.
Don't delay or they'll get away!

Caterpillars are on the move too. Hibiscus, Impatiens and Hydrangeas seem to be some of their favourite munchies. Spray these plants with "Yates Success" now for up to 6 weeks protection.

Poor pig almost lost his milkcrate on the race that stops the nation. I hope you had more luck.

Happy Gardening