Great legs after 10am - Aug 20, 2009

This time last year I made the outrageous claim that spring had started because I was wearing shorts. Temperatures plummeted in the following weeks and my skinny white legs went into hypothermia. This year I am being more careful in declaring that spring is starting but you may need to wear your “tracky daks” until at least 10am.

On the way to work this morning I noticed Flowering Plum Trees covered in pink blossom. These hardy small growing trees are making a come back in the horticultural world because of their beautiful burgundy coloured spring and summer foliage. The best flowering variety is called Prunus x blireana so look out for this in your local nursery.

I also noticed that clover is taking over the lawns of Macarthur’s home owners and beginning to flower. This is great news for the bee keepers in the area because the nectar from clover flowers makes great honey. Unfortunately it also means that lots of children and pets are going to get stung when the bees get trod on this summer.

Clover is difficult to control in lawns and you need to spray at least twice with Chemspray Bindie for best results. Keep your dog off the lawn until the chemical dries. Don’t spray lawns on windy days or the spray will cause the new growth on your Roses, Grevillea’s and Robinnias to grow twisted and distorted.

Water restrictions have been eased so you can now water your garden every day with a trigger hose before 10am and after 4pm.This is great news for the nursery industry but bad news for lazzy husbands because now they have no excuses not to garden.

Tim Pickles is a CNP horticulturist and Director of Tim’s Garden Centre 2 Queen St Campbelltown 46267022.