Free Strawberry plant for kids! - Oct 02, 2015

Dear Gardening Friends,

This long weekend we are giving away a free Strawberry plant to the first 150 children who visit the nursery with an adult. Kids love eating Strawberries so it's a great way to get them involved in gardening.

We have grown 150 Red Gauntlet Strawberries in these round red pots. Most plants have started to flower and some even have fruit forming. For your kids to have success they will need to repot the strawberries into bigger pots using Tim's Best potting mix or plant them in the garden in Tim's Planting Compost improved soil.
Strawberries grow best in full sun with daily watering. It's important that you get the kids to do the planting and the watering if you want them to learn about how plants grow.
We only have 150 round red pot Strawberries available to give away. One plant per child.
Now if the kids leave the strawberries in these little pots they won't have success.

The kids might also be interested in growing potatoes. We have seed potatoes for just $2.00. Potatoes are the easiest vegetable to grow! Simply plant the potatoes in a big pot or in the garden as per Strawberry instructions and harvest them when the leaves turn yellow. Most kids and many adults have no idea that potatoes grow under the ground.

The kids will love digging up the potatoes around Christmas Time. Home grown potatoes taste so much nicer than store bought varieties and the kids can make their own chips!!!!!

Blake our Horticulture Apprentice has been working in the rose bed this week so he has become the perfumed rose expert. He's been sniffing all the varieties that are in flower and his favourite perfumed rose this week is Fiona's Wish. Such a beautiful perfume and the roses are enormous.
Bring your nose down for a sniff test.

One of my favourite rose bushes is a variety called Love. What a great name for a rose. The plants are covered in buds and flowers now so they would make a perfect gift for the love of your life and they only cost $19.99. We have a free gift wrapping service so it will look like you spent $100.

Clematis vines are flowering now. These fast growing deciduous climbers have enormous flowers during spring. We have some of the rarer double flowering varieties available too.
We only have around 10 plants so if you love Clematis jump in your car.

Weeping Maples are one of my favourite specimen plants. These grafted plants have this amazing weeping habit and the fine leafed red leaves look amazing. They grow best in big pots or gardens that get morning sun followed by afternoon shade. We have beautiful plants available from just $59.99.
A mature plant can be worth several thousand dollars!

Jerry Decker from Camden woke up one morning and decided he was going to make pigs out of pots. He made so many he filled up his garage. We are helping Jerry out by selling his Pot Pigs for $5.00 to help raise money for the African AIDS Foundation in Camden.

Arthur's Famous Big Greek Tomato plants are now available. This heirloom variety has been grown by Arthur's family in Petri Greece for generations. The fruit can grow up to 1kg and they have less seeds than other tomatoes so they taste delicious.

We are selling the plants for $4.50 and all the money is going to The African AIDS Foundation. You'd be amazed how many Greek people live in Macarthur and last year they all wanted to buy Arthur's tomato.
Grow it in a big pot or plant one in your garden. Tomatoes need to be watered daily for best results.

We are open all long weekend so come and see us if you need help in your garden.

Happy Gardening