Fried Green Tomatoes? - Jul 10, 2014

Dear Gardening Friends,

The weather has been freezing and some of your plants will have been damaged by the frost. It's best to leave the damaged foliage on your plants because this helps protect the plant from further damage. When it warms up in September cut the plant back and it will sprout fresh new spring growth.

It's way to early to be planting tomato plants but it wouldn't surprise me if the chain stores don't already have them. These stores are run by people in suits and ties rather than horticulturists so they have no idea that if you plant tomatoes now the frost will kill them.

After a trip to sunny Queensland last week I found an amazing heirloom tomato at the Noosa Growers Market.
I was told it was Steve Waugh's favourite tomato. Turned out this Steve Waugh had never played cricket but he did grow amazing heirloom tomatoes. His favourite happened to be a green tomato!

I was expecting this green tomato to be rock hard and tasteless but it was so sweet and delicious. I have kept the seeds to trial this tomato in my garden during summer. I am hoping that it might be fruit fly resistant because it doesn't go red. I will let you know.

Of course we will have Tim's famous Fruit Fly Resistant Tomato available from the 2nd week of August. Even then you will have to cover them at night for the first couple of weeks.
If you are planning on making a vegetable garden this spring just be warned that if you buy bulk garden mix the seedlings probably won't grow in it. All the soil suppliers call their garden soil, Premium Garden Mix. In reality these are budget mixes at best and if you want seedlings to grow in them then you will need to dig in cow manure and a complete fertiliser like Tim's Fast Food. It's also a good idea to treat the soil with Wettasoil.

These man made mixes are made from recycled green waste with added sand. If you forget to water, the compost dries out and the soil becomes hydrophobic. Once this happens it's almost impossible to get it wet again. Mulch your garden with Sugar Cane because this insulates the soil and as it breaks down it adds "organics" to the soil. Every season dig in more cow manure and cover with fresh Sugar Cane. Eventually you will turn your budget mix into premium garden mix.

Found a great Living Wall yesterday.
How much better does this look than a bare brick wall?
 When professionally installed with a drip irrigation system, these can be a real success. Check out the close up photo of how small the pots are? This is basically a hydroponic system. Plants used included Philodendron Xanadu, Liriopes and Agapanthus.
Last week i mentioned Tri colour jasmine and how tough it is, well this week i have another Death proof plant to show you. With the cold weather upon us and little to no rain about the Nandina this year can't be beaten for foliage colour.

The plants around campbelltown are the reddest i have seen in years. We have just taken delivery of some Nandina Moonbay in the nursery. It is just as tough as its original counter part but I think has a nicer shape and a little different to the common old dwarf Nandina.
The camellia's are looking sensational with many in bud and flower. A standout variety must be Volunteer.

It was released a few years ago to commemorate  the year of the volunteer

This Camellia grows around 2m high and is the first to start flowering and usually the last to finish. It has large showy bi coloured flowers and will grow in both full and morning sun positions.

We have plenty in the nursery now as well as a good supply of the other favourites come in and see them this week end.
A few weeks ago I talked about indoor plants and how they help clean the air for you inside your home.

Being so cold outside does not necessarily mean giving up the garden till it warms up. Why not just move the garden inside?

As well as cleaning the air, plants help with reducing blood pressure and stress, make every one in the house feel happy and most importantly decrease negative moods by up to 50%.

Know somebody grumpy? Get them an indoor plant to turn their frown upside down.
We have a great selection of indoor plants and brightly coloured pots at the moment, the shop is bristling with foliage colour ready for you to brighten up your house.

From Aspidistra to Zanzibar Gem we have got them all. If you purchase a plant and a pot then we will even re-pot it for you.
Pig nearly froze last week. His pink bits have never been pinker!
He's been rugged up with a Woolley jumper and beanie.

Hope you're staying warm!
Happy Gardening