Paws can keep you poor? - Oct 23, 2008

Anyone who has bought a Kangaroo Paw will know that this fussy native plant will be on life support it's entire short life. Numerous new disease resistant varieties have been released over the years but almost all are complete failures unless you grow them in a pot using a native potting mix. The only other way to get a Kangaroo Paw to survive is to plant it in your kids sandpit but if you have been reading this column your sandpit is now a vegetable garden.

About 10 years ago Angus Stewart, a native plant breeder, gave John Doyle, alias Rampaging Roy Slaven a Kangaroo Paw as a gift. John planted it in his garden and It's still alive today. This could be the oldest Kangaroo Paw in captivity . The children of this blessed Kangaroo Paw are now being sold in nurseries under the brand BushGems Landscapers "Rampaging Roy Slaven". Ramm Botanicals who market the plant will donate 50 cents from each plant sold to Autism Spectrum Australia.

"Rampaging Roy Slaven" is the first release in the new Bush Gems Landscaper Series. It is much tougher than other Paws, longer lived,and it flowers repeatedly. It has masses of orangey red flowers and broad strappy foliage. Remove old flowers and leaves at the base of the plant to keep it looking tidy. Feed it every Spring and Autumn with slow release fertiliser for native plants.
You will find 'Rampaging Roy Slaven" flowering in your local garden centre now.

Tim Pickles is a horticulturist and director of Tim's Garden Centre 2 Queen St Campbelltown. 46267022.