A plant that can make you rich - Jul 20, 2012

Dear gardening friends,

We have been so busy this week because the weather has been so mild. You can tell that people are already thinking about spring. One of our customers noticed a bird in his garden picking up twigs for a nest. It may just be just a tidy bird but animals seem to know when spring is coming.

Our gardens outside the nursery are starting to look fantastic. Karyn has planted Poppies this year and I love the way the flowers sway in the wind as the cars whoosh by. Check them out the next time you are passing. Poppies are a bit out of fashion but they look so good in the garden. I have always wanted someone to bring out a plant called Grannies too.

Karyn has also planted Oasis Spreading Pansies. The variety she likes best is called "Purple Wink". You only get 3 plants in a punnet so this puts people off buying them. But these plants grow much wider than ordinary pansies so they are actually good value. Each plant can grow 45cms wide. Have a look at the photo of Pansy Purple Wink growing in our gardens. They really do get smothered in flowers.

If you have pansies growing in your garden check out the new growth because some of ours have been getting attacked by black aphids. Karyn sprayed them today with Yates Rose Shield.

This is a good spray to use because it contains a systemic insecticide and fungicide. Because it's systemic, it doesn't get washed off in the rain. It is safe to use on most plants in your garden but I wouldn't use it in the vegetable garden.

My boys have been working at the nursery this week due to the school holidays. To keep them busy they have potted up 220 geranium cuttings for their school fete. Geraniums are so easy to grow from a cutting. Simply cut a piece about 10cms long. Strip off most of the leaves then poke it into some potting mix. Within 4 weeks it will grow roots. We took the cuttings from plants growing in the schools garden. If you're looking for some pots, take them from our pot recycling bin in the car park.

A friend of mine has opened up a GIO outlet in Narellan. Jeramie was looking for some indoor plants that would make his outlet look more appealing. My parents have a Happy Plant that has been growing inside their house for 25 years so I recommended this. Happy plants have green and yellow stripped leaves that always look good. If it flowers they say you will get rich. The small purple flowers have the sweetest perfume ever. (You're probably wondering how I know this.) We planted the happy plants into bright red, self watering pots using Tim's Best Potting Mix. They really did look fantastic.

Most people over water their indoor plants. It is better to give them a good drink once a week rather than little sips. Keep them away from heaters or the tips of the leaves will go brown.

Wipe the leaves with a damp cloth. Never use "Leaf Shine". This oil based product attracts dust and glogs the pores and will eventually make your plants sick.

Indoor plants are coming back into fashion because they look good but they also remove toxins from the air. They are nature's natural air conditioners.

Studies have also found that plants in offices make the staff come to work more often. If you need help with your indoor plants come and see us.

A new rose bush called Mother and Daughter has just arrived at the nursery. We have had so many people asking us about this rose. It has huge soft yellow blooms that are perfect for picking.

It has a sweet perfume too. The rose celebrates the special bond that can only exist between mother and daughter. The rose was released to help support research into motor neuron disease. Stock is limited.

We often get asked about seating in our shop by people who just need a rest. Well we have answered that request this week. We have purchased a 1950s Fler SC55 lounge and two chairs.

This furniture was designed by Fred Lowen and the Fler SC55 chair has now been recognized as Australian art and it is on display at The Powerhouse Museum. Someone in your family may have had this furniture. I was lucky enough to find it on EBay. It had been in a home in Port Macquarie for over 60 years. Come and check it out! The upholstery is floral of course.

Simon is back at work and it's great to have him back. I have noticed more native plants turning up already.

A nursery friend of mine was moving house recently so she packed all her clothes in boxes. She rang Vinnies to come and pick up the ones she no longer needed. After the truck left she suddenly realized they had taken all her clothes, except the ones she was wearing! She raced to the shop the next morning hoping to rescue her leather jackets. Everything was gone!

Happy gardening