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  • Small Tree Is A Winner! - Mar 13, 2008

    With blocks of land getting smaller people are looking for compact growing trees that are safe to plant near houses.One of the best small growing trees ever is called " Forest Pansy " and it's available now at your local garden centre . "Forest Pansy" is a spectacular looking tree with huge heart shaped purple leaves. It only grows 5 ...

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  • Bringing Birds To Your Garden - Feb 13, 2008

    When I first built my house there was only one tree on the property.The only birds I ever saw were Cockies, Parrots and Magpies.These made their nests each year in the old Gum tree. There were no little birds like Wrens , Finches and Willy Wagtails. I planted hedges around the boundaries of the land to give me privacy from the neighbo...

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