Broccoli hits $11.90 a Kilo!!!!! - Jun 17, 2022

Grow your lettuce in pots!

Dear gardening friends

"Mud man" delivered our bare rooted fruit and spring blossom trees this week.
He had a spectacular moustache.

I asked him to smile.
"I don't smile" was his reply.

He got out of the truck all clean and tidy, and then put his muddy outfit over the top. He had already delivered to 3 other nurseries before arriving early at Tim's.

I was interested to know how many people worked at Flemings nursery at this time of year?
"About 150".

They would all be covered in mud.
You'd get some great photos of them at the moment. The mud seals the cut roots and helps prevent dehydration. But it sticks to you like mud. Ha ha.

Nurseries in the country heal these trees into sawdust beds, and sell the trees bare rooted.

We've found it's much easier to pot them up using premium potting mix. They can be planted today, or in six months time.

We have potted up all the summer fruit trees and spring blossom trees. There's been a lot of banter around the potting up bench. It keeps us sane.

It's time to plant winter fruit trees and spring blossom trees. Get them established now, before the heat of summer arrives.
They grow so fast you'll be amazed.

For best results plant them on a mound of Planting Compost improved soil.
Don't fertilise. We've added everything in the potting mix. Water twice weekly.

Broccoli has hit $11.90 a kilo.
Iceberg Lettuce are $10.00 each.
My mother rang me.
"Tim you've got to tell people they have to start growing their own vegetables, they are so expensive to buy in the shops".
She's right of course.

You don't even have to own a garden to grow vegetables. You can grow them in pots. I'm growing my own Cos Lettuce in pots using Tim's Best Potting Mix and they are thriving.

It's easy to grow vegetables in the cooler months. You can grow Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Lettuce, Chinese Cabbage, Carrots, Onions, Silverbeet, Spinach, Peas, Strawberries, Rhubarb, Asparagus to name but a few.

Dig Tim's Cow Manure into your soil first then cover with Sugarcane. Dress with Tim's FAST FOOD and start planting.
Water daily.
Don't forget the snail pellets.
Zoom zoom

Vegetable gardens don't have to be dirty messy looking things that you hide down the back.

They can be art!!!

Both my boys bedroom windows look out onto my vegetable garden. The view changes with the season.

It's made to look neater with the trimmed Buxus hedge. The vegetables are planted in rows with foliage colour taken into consideration. It's mulched with Sugar cane to stop the weeds growing.

The potted Cactus and Succulents create interest in the background. A clipped Goodbye Neighbour's hedge at the very back, provides privacy and wind protection.

It's a sanctuary.
I spend a lot of time in the vegetable garden. Every night something fresh comes out of the garden. It might be fresh herbs.
It's so fresh, you can taste the freshness.

Cos Lettuce are worth up to $10.00 each in supermarkets due to shortages.
That's crazy.

Grow your own in a big pot. Tim's Best Potting Mix guarantees you 10/10 results.
It's just $12.00 for a 30litre bag.

Plant your seedlings directly into the potting mix. One punnet will fill your big pot.
Just add sunshine and water.
They look great and taste delicious.

The Worlds First Purple and Blue flowering, Kangaroo Paws are back in stock.
"Carnivale" and "Masquerade" sold out in 24 hours last week.

Bred in Australia, by Kings Park Botanic Gardens in WA, these new Bush gems Celebrations Range of Kangaroo paws have colours you've never seen before.

Grab some quickly before they go off to travel the world!!!!! Beautiful plants in bud, about to burst open cost $18.99.
We are the only nursery in NSW who has them.
Zoom zoom.

It's been beautiful gardening weather this week. Lots more customers coming out to see us. We have all our winter stock here now.

Come for a visit.
Happy gardening