Walking on Lemons here? - Jun 10, 2022

The Worlds First Blue Kangaroo Paw!!

Dear gardening friends

For the love of lemons!!!!
I can't live without Lemons.
I've got so many dishes that depend on these home grown beauties.

They make the simplest of salad dressings. Olive oil first, then a squirt of lemon juice, is all that's needed.

My Lemon Chicken dish, which I stole from Italy, requires the chicken to be rolled in lemon juice with fresh picked Rosemary. It's amazing and so simple.

It's time to plant Lemon trees.
But which variety should you choose?
Eureka Lemon fruits all year round, but the fruit are thick skinned and perhaps not so juicy.

Kevin The Lemon is a select form of Meyer Lemon that has thin skinned juicy fruit but it only produces fruit in winter and early spring.

Ideally you need one of each.
Luckily we have both varieties.
Grow them in the ground in a raised garden bed so the roots are out of the clay.

If you must grow your tree in a pot, choose the largest pot you can find.
Fill it with Tim's Best Potting mix.
Water almost daily in summer.

Never use Citrus Fertiliser on potted Citrus, because it burns the roots and makes the leaves fall off, and your plant might die.

Use Tim's FAST FOOD instead.
It's what we use. It's amazing.
Use it on all your potted plants and watch them take off with fresh new growth.

It's a beautiful sunny day.
It's time to garden.

We are open every day over the long weekend. 9-4pm most days.

The Holroyd Garden Club turned up this week. These guys have been visiting us since Mt Annan days.

Dolores Meilak has been the Club President for 15 years she tells me. She's full of life. That's her in the middle, with the grey shirt and scarf.

Delores organises these old girls on bus trips all around Sydney. She's inspirational. I'm potting up roses, but she gets me in to give a 5 minute pep talk.

I'm inspirational too. Their eyes light up when they hear we give 10% off everything for Seniors and Garden Club Members.

After my talk they head straight for the African Violets. Next stop is the toilet.
It's freezing.

Delores must be a motivational genius to get these guys out of bed so early.

Next they are going to Maccas they tell me, as a group. It's a Cheese burger with a small fries, and maybe coffee.

They get me laughing.
It's the rascals that live the longest.

Long live the rascals!!!!!

Just arrived. The Worlds First Blue Flowering Kangaroo Paw!!!!!!

These stunning new varieties have just arrived from Kings Park Botanic Gardens in Western Australia.

We are one of the first nurseries to have these spectacular flowering new varieties.

The one in the picture is about to burst into bloom. It has blue flower buds. It's called "Masquerade " and it's part of the BUSH GEMS Celebrations Range.

Varieties that we have in stock today include Masquerade, Aussie Spirit and Fire Works. These have been long anticipated by the gardening public.

Beautiful bushy plants are available now in bud and flower for $18.99.
They have come a long way.
They are looking fabulous.

Pedro came to visit.
He's one of my greatest supporters on Facebook. He loves trees, he can't understand why people cut them down. "People are stupid" he tells me.

He's brought in a leaf off a Lemon Scented Gum tree in his pocket. He wanted me to identify it. I crunch the leaf, it smells so nice.
He's potted up 4 seedlings that he found growing in the mulch somewhere. He has over 500 plants in pots at his place.

Pedro and his wife arrived in Australia from Uruguay on the 16th of December in 1976.
He told me he arrived on the Sunday, and he got a job as a carpenter the next day.

He rattles off his working career.
He had lots of jobs.
He always had work before he finally retired.

He lives in South Camden now but he lived in Claymore for over 40 years. He misses Claymore, he knew everyone he tells me.
"It was a community, I walked everywhere, that's why I knew everyone."

He and his wife still walk everywhere. They walked into Camden this morning. Pedro's wearing slippers. "Yes I walk wearing these, they cost $3.80 from K-Mart!!!!"

He makes me laugh so much.
He's so passionate about everything, his wife hasn't said a word. She's listening to him.
We both are.

I've promised to come and look at his plant collection. He tells me he can't prune anything. He's worried about hurting the plants.

We are open all long weekend so come and visit us. Our nursery is looking fabulous.
We have so many beautiful plants.
Your garden has finally dried out enough for you to garden again.

You should be planting vegetables.
They are so expensive to buy at the moment. $10.00 for an Iceberg Lettuce??????? That's crazy.
You can grow your own.
Come see us.

Happy gardening