The most fragrant roses? - Jun 03, 2022

Slow cooked sausages for winter?

Dear gardening friends

Hellebores have arrived.
These super hardy plants, thrive in pots and gardens, in those shady spots.

There's so many colours to choose from, we get them from a collector in Victoria.
We've got varieties you haven't seen before.

They are sometimes called Winter Roses.
I don't know why?
They don't have thorns, they don't have roses.

But they do have glossy green leaves and beautiful flowers.
They are easy to grow.
They take the cold.
They multiply.

This is how big they grow. (See photo)
We have smaller plants from $21.99.
The colour selection will surprise you.
These always sell out fast.

I often get asked what's my favourite perfumed Rose?

In truth, I have four favourites.
Mr Lincoln, Blue Moon, Double Delight and Just Joey. These fabulous roses have amazing perfumed, long stemmed flowers, that are perfect for picking. The colours also look great together, so you can mix the flowers in a vase. They have great vase life.

If you're starting a rose garden, start with these four colours. If you're wanting to add a white, then it's hard to beat John Paul ll.

Pope John Paul ll has luminous, pristine, lavishly petalled blossoms, this elegant rose grows in the Vatican's private garden, and has won trophies and medals all around the world for fragrance, vigor and disease resistance. Gold Medal Winner and Most Fragrant Rose at the National Rose Trial Garden of Australia in 2010.
Grows to approx. 1.4m tall.

I haven't chosen any pink roses.
They just won't go with my colour selection.
I don't do pink.

But we have over 1,000 potted Rose bushes here now, with more coming. Still waiting for standards. Come see our selection.

Bring your secateurs, and Tylor will sharpen them for you for free, while you browse our selection. (One pair). He's only human.

This is where I'd love Campbelltown City Council to plant more trees.
Remove the grass that runs along this fence outside the carpark at Campbelltown Railway Station. It's grass doing nothing.

Replace the grass with an avenue of Crepe Myrtles. These fast growing upright shaped trees would look amazing in this narrow space.

The trees would shade pedestrians from the western sun. They would be more welcoming, for people visiting Campbelltown, for the first time by train.

Trees make a city greener and cleaner looking. It makes a city look loved.

In autumn the trees would colour up like these beauties outside Campbelltown Art Gallery. See photo.

In spring they would have lime green fresh new growth that just makes you feel good.

In summer the Crepe Myrtles would be covered in flowers for 3 months or more.

In winter the leaves fall to allow the sunshine in. This is when you will see the spectacular smooth bark.

What do you think?

Banksias are in flower all over Macarthur. These bird attracting native plants, flower throughout the cooler months, bringing colour and interest to your garden.

We are searching for new varieties, that can be grown in small gardens. This little beauty called "Red Rover" only grows one metre high.

This dwarf form of Banksia ericifolia has huge flowers. It will look amazing in your garden, in full sun, or semi shade. It can even be grown in a pot using Native Potting Mix.

We have a dozen plants only.
$17.99 each.
The birds in your neighbourhood are getting excited. Zoom zoom.

I was talking to a nurseryman mate of mine this week, and he was telling me how he loves cooking on these cold days.

What are you cooking tonight?
Slow cooked sausages was his reply, I nearly choked.

I love cooking too, and I've slowed cooked a lot of things, but never sausages.

Times are tough in the nursery trade, it hasn't stopped raining for 4 months and now it's snowing!!!

I asked him for the recipe.

He told me that it has to be good quality sausages, he likes chicken and pork.
He went on to describe sausages like they were bottles of wine.

He adds tomatoes and onions.
It sounded so simple.
I decided I'd try it.

Well last night he sent me this photo. It was like something from Instagram. So beautifully presented and the fire in the background.

I've got my "Slow Cooked Bangers" cooking this morning too. My sausages came from Camden Valley Meats.
My sausages were grass fed.
Six fat pork sausages and two Chorizos.
I didn't even chop them. They were still frozen!

I've added tomatoes, onions, leek and fresh home grown Garlic and Rosemary.
3 Anchovies. Yes.
I'll cook it all day.

When I get home tonight the house will smell like heaven. Yes they eat a lot of sausages in heaven.

P.S Who could have thought sausages could taste so good? Well I followed my friends recipe, and slow cooked sausages all day.

When I came home the house smelt amazing. This rich Italian fragrance wafted through the rooms with Rosemary and home grown Garlic.

I cooked some brown rice and added a scoop of Black Olives to the slow cooker and gently stirred them in.

I served it up, I was actually excited about eating sausages. I put the spoon through the sausage and it exploded with juices. Yes it had been absorbing the tomato and onion juices all day. It was so soft and juicy you could cut it with a spoon.

They tasted amazing. The pork Sausages were better than the Chorizo. The latter had gone a little tough but they added extra flavour.

The Rosemary and Garlic fragrance was spectacular.

It was a thumbs up by me.
My wife said "it's a little bit salty".
Bailey consumed it.

I've got it for lunch today.
It's the dish that just keeps on giving.

Come and see us.
Our nursery is looking fabulous.
Hayden has been busy tarting up all our displays in the shop and shade house.

We've ordered more indoor plants for winter. Yes we know you like to garden inside when it's cold.

Happy gardening