We smell like Christmas!!! - Dec 12, 2021

Kenny turns up early.

This guy turned up at 5am this morning. He actually turned up earlier than that even. He was waiting in his truck, with a load of fresh cut Christmas trees when I arrived.

We only see each other once a year.
But we shake hands like good friends. He tells me he's had a great year. He's a farmer, when he's not carrying Christmas trees.

He's had the best prices on record for his sheep and cattle, and he's got so much feed. "I've never seen the country looking so green".

He climbs up the side of his truck like a monkey and starts throwing Christmas Trees over the side.
"Who's counting". I inquire.
"You are" he replies.
"Let me know when we hit 100."

The trees start flying over the side.
I decide to let them drop on the ground, rather than catching them mid flight.

The trees are huge this morning.
I can tell they're great trees, by their weight.

We don't stop until we've unloaded 125. I'm puffing. My old mate climbs through the gates now and starts tying down the rest of the trees.
It's just starting to become daylight.

He tells me they didn't finish loading his truck till 9pm last night.
There were cars and trucks bogged everywhere. They don't stop because it's raining.

He tells me there's a guy at the farm who can throw Christmas trees like tennis balls. I shake my head.
Working on a Christmas tree farm is my worst nightmare.

We say goodbye.
He's off on his next delivery.
I'm off to Maccas.

Some needles have found their way into my boots. I leave them there.
My love of Christmas trees grows.

We open at 8.30am.
These are the biggest trees we've had. Come early.
Trees cost $79.99.
We have Christmas tree stands too.
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