What’s the best tasting Tomato? - Sep 03, 2021

Spring is the best time to garden

Dear gardening friends

We have survived the first week of Call and Collect. I can't lie, it's hell.

We are running here, to keep up with phone calls, and orders. Most times you can pick up the same day. We have deliveries now too.

But the system gets thrown out the window, when customers come to the nursery, and try and order. We can't do carpark sales.
Please don't upset our staff, and system.
Phone 46267022 from home.

Lots of great plants have arrived.
We have all your favourite Tomatoes.
Tim's Fruit Fly Resistant Tomato is our best seller by far. This heirloom variety has apricot sized tomatoes that have a natural resistance to fruit fly. One plant can produce 100s of Tomatoes.
Plants cost $4.75.

But my favourite variety is Tim's Italian Tomato. This large pear shaped tomato has thick flesh, and hardly any seeds.
It's a taste sensation.

Pick the fruit when they turn yellowish green and ripen inside on the window sill.
The taste is amazing.

Simply cut up, drizzle with olive oil.
Add lots of salt, stir.
Eat at room temperature.
It's heavenly.
Plants cost $4.75.

When you're ordering Tomatoes don't forget about your other veggie seedlings too. We have Cucumbers, Corn, Zucchini, Beetroot, Celery, Capsicum, Eggplant, Lettuce, Basil, Silverbeet, Spinach, Shallots, Chives, and strawberries to name but a few.

Simply phone us, and we will pick you the best plants. Some seedlings are very small.
This is because sales are exceeding supply.
Suck it up, they will grow.
Water morning and night.
Don't forget the snail pellets!!!

Osteospermums, are the in fashion, flowering plants for spring. These happy daisy like flowers make people happy during this time of sadness and distress. We've made purchasing simple. Simply tell us if you want Apricot, Purple, Yellow, White or Orange.

We will pick you the best plants.
They grow 45cms x 60cms wide.
Plants cost $16.99.
They love sunny spots!!
Gardens or pots.
Tims Best Potting Mix $10.00 a bag.

We got knocked over in the rush last week for the 3D Osteospermums. These are the double flowering varieties that just look amazing. We have them in Purple or Lavender. Plants cost $16.99.
These are so beautiful.

We have the best supply of Lavenders ever!!!! This includes the new double flowering Lavenders called "Lavish".
Lavender "Lavish" comes in blue or pink.
The flowers are enormous.
Plants grow 45cms x 45cms.
They come from South Australia.
150mm pots cost $18.99.
The plants are huge.
We love them.

We also have traditional varieties like "Avonview". This is sensational too.
Plants cost $18.99.

We've had lots of customers buying our famous Tims Rapid Results Lawn Food.
If you buy 2 bags for $45.00 we throw in a free Lawn Fertiliser Spreader.
These might run out, so zoom zoom with your orders.

We are busy. It's crazy here.
We have 3 phone lines and they don't stop ringing. Be patient. We are running here.
My staff are amazing.
They should get gold medals.

We are not making any money.
It takes more staff, to serve less customers.
But we are open.
We are doing our best.
Be kind.

Happy gardening