Fabulous fertiliser offer! - Aug 27, 2021

Big isn't always better.

Dear Gardening Friends

We've been on a roller coaster ride this week. Our nursery has become Click and Collect only. We are still an essential service, so you can still drive to us, if you live within 5kms.

We've changed into a call and collect nursery overnight. Simply phone 46267022. Talk to our horticulturists about the best plants for your garden. We will pick the best plants for you, and have them out the front of the nursery, to pick up.

We've also moved all our bagged products into the carpark, so we can load your car quickly. We will give you a pick up time, that suits you.

It's much more work for our staff, we have to select all your plants, then ring you back with a total cost, so you can pay.
You can't pay on pick up.

Please be patient, this process takes longer, and we only have our regular staff.
But we are getting faster, and we've made lots of customers happy this week.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, so you can see, which plants we've got in stock, and what's looking hot!!!!

Please remember, we can no longer design your garden over the phone.
Do some research first, then ring us 46267022.

We have a delivery guy starting next week, so we hope to be delivering to all suburbs in Macarthur. We won't be able to give you a specific time or day.

We will do deliveries to areas when we have several deliveries going to the same suburb. We will leave your order beside your garage. We can't enter your property.

Ring store if you want bags and plants delivered next week. 46267022.

We do have beautiful spring stock and it's such a shame you can't come and see it.
It's sad that so many of our gardening friends live too far away.
We look forward to seeing you soon.

Our spring Tomato seedlings have arrived, and they are surviving the cold nights, here in Campbelltown. Our supplier grows our seedlings out in the fresh air. They are not "glass house grown" like the chain store seedlings, so our seedlings are much tougher. You will have more success.
That's why our seedlings cost more.

We have a huge selection of Tomato seedlings including Tim's Giant Tomato.
This variety grows enormous fruit.
That's them in the photo.
You won't get lots of Tomatoes.
But they are huge.

But our best tasting tomato is Tim's Italian Tomato. This heirloom variety has huge pear shaped fruit, that are just delicious.
They are soft when ripe, and taste amazing.
Pick them when they turn greenish yellow, and ripen inside, so they don't get fruit fly.

Tim's Fruit Fly Resistant Tomato is back!!!!
This heirloom variety has a thicker skin than normal tomatoes, so the fruit fly can't sting it. The fruit are apricot sized and they taste amazing. They are just so sweet.
One plant can produce over 100 bite sized tomatoes during the season.
It grows like crazy.
You must plant at least one.

The tomatoes I've mentioned are in single pots and cost $4.75. Don't forget to order your Tim's Fast Food fertiliser $16.99 and tomato stakes too. You need the 1.8 metre tomato stakes. Tie plants to these with stretchy material. We have rolls of this too.

Tomatoes can be grown in pots using Tim's Best Potting Mix. It's still $10.00 a bag.
We have more arriving later today.

It's time to fertilise your lawn and here's a great offer. Buy 2x bags of Tims "Rapid Results" lawn food, and get a free Fertiliser spreader.

One bag treats 260m2.
It's turbo charged with 21% Nitrogen.
Perfect for Soft leaf Buffalo, Couch and Kikuyu. It turns your grass bright green in 14 days.

Tims "Rapid Results" costs $24.99 or buy 2 for $45.00 and get the free spreader.
Yes it's a bargain.
Call and collect.

If you've got a patchy lawn we've got bags of Tims Topdressing here too. Broom it into your grass and watch what happens.
Water daily for best results.

If you want colour in your garden, it's hard to beat Osteospermums. These amazing shrubs from Africa, flower all spring and autumn. They used to be called African Daisys.

These new varieties, don't pop up and become weeds in your garden.
They are more compact and they flower more often. They are so easy to grow in pots or gardens in sunny spots.
They grow 40cms high by 60cms wide.

My favourite variety is called "Blue Eyed Beauty". It has creamy yellow flowers with a purple eye. They look amazing.
That's it in the photo.

We have all your favourite colours including White, Purple, Pink, Orange and double flowering, 3D varieties too.
Plants cost $16.99 and they are covered in buds or flowers now. I love these plants.

A new double flowering Lavender plant called "Lavish Lavender" arrived this week.
These double flowering varieties, have huge flowers. See photo. They come in pink or blue. They look amazing.
They are covered in flowers now.
Big plants cost $18.99.
If we run out, we will have more next week.
These plants come from our grower in South Australia.

We are all struggling at the moment.
If you spend time in your garden, it will make you feel better. If you can't get through to us, it's because our phones are busy.

Have a cuppa. Try again.
We are working flat out.
All our staff are working overtime to make this work. They are all amazing.
We are all a bit dizzy.

We will get through this.
Everyday, freedom comes closer.

Happy gardening