Shocking News!!!! - Aug 21, 2021

Call and collect only on Monday.

Dear gardening friends
Sad news, after my super positive newsletter, we've been told to do call and collect sales from Monday. So you won't be able to walk through our nursery and select plants yourself. But we can do it for you.
Ring store to place your order.


Pay over the phone, and pick up when it suits you. We will have local delivery service too.

Otherwise, we are free trading today and Sunday. It's your last chance to shop with us in person for at least a month.
We are open 8.30-5pm today and Sunday.

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for plant therapy this spring. I'll be showing lots of plants, that you can buy, if you're in our area, click and collect. 46267022.

It's a changing world.
We are changing too.
This mess is coming to an end.
One more speed hump.
Happy gardening