Freedom is coming! - Aug 20, 2021

Spring is here now.

Dear gardening friends

Someone spilt coffee on my bus seat.
No I'm not waiting for a bus. My cafe is closed due to Covid. I've found a new supply. I sit here to drink my coffee.

I didn't sit in the coffee.
Yes it's where I normally sit, but I've moved over. It's a changing world.

I was watching the English soccer during the week. Chelsea vs Crystal Palace.
The stadium was full.
Nobody was wearing masks.
Life has returned to normalish in the UK.

The night before I watched soccer in Paris, stadium full, no masks.
Freedom is coming.

We were busy last Saturday at the nursery. The recovery is being led by people over 60. They have all had their second jab.
They are going back out in the community.
But they are being sensible.
They are coming earlier.
They are wearing masks.

Freedom is coming.
Every week another generation is set free. It won't be long before our stadiums are full again too.

The oldies are celebrating by planting flowers and vegetables. Happiness can be found in the garden.
Happiness is coming.

I cleaned up that bus seat.
I remembered while I was sitting there that I had Windex in my car, and an old towel. "Someone should clean that up."
I was someone.

Nothing says spring like African Daisys.
Botanically known as Osteospermum they almost sound like a disease. But they are easy to grow, small shrubs, that get covered in happy flowers all spring and autumn.

Every spring new varieties get released to keep gardeners happy. The latest is a newbie called "Power Packed Blue".

No it's not blue, it's more purple, but I love it. It grows 45cms high by 60cms wide.
It will thrive in those hot dry spots in your garden. We only have 12 plants this week.

But we have all your favourite varieties here.
They can be grown in pots too.
Prune back by 20% after flowering.
Feed with Tims FAST FOOD.
Come see.

I was delivering in Harrington Grove last week and spotted this amazing potted plant. It's called a "Black Rose".

It's not a Rose at all, it's a super hardy succulent plant called Aeonium arboreum purpureum.

If you want it to get this beautiful black, purple foliage, then you need to grow it in full sun.

This beauty which was owned by Mrs Wellard, gets the hot western sun. It's thriving, and about to burst into bloom for spring. The bright yellow flowers are spectacular.

I got on the phone and rang Peter The Greek, he's our succulent man.
I said Peter, can you help us out?
"We need this plant desperately."

I've bought cakes for Peter.
I got French Vanilla Slices.
Peter is the biggest sweet tooth on the planet, he could be part Ant?

He turned up with beautiful plants for just $6.99. He ate two Vanilla slices before he started telling me how beeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaauuuuuuuutttttttiiiiiiiffffffuuuuuuulllllllll his plants were today.
"I don't know how I do it"
But he does.

We have bigger plants here too.
We grow them in Tims Best Potting Mix.
It's still $10.00 a bag.

Spring has officially started.
Manchurian Pear Trees are bursting into bloom, around Macarthur. They get covered in white flowers with black stamens. I love them.

These amazing trees thrive in our clay soils. They will grow in wet or dry areas.
There is a variety to suit any sized garden.

The original variety is called Pyrus ussuriensis. It grows 8ms x 8ms.
It makes an amazing street tree.

Newer varieties don't grow as wide, so they are better suited for smaller gardens.

When you stand under one of these trees you'll hear thousands of bees, busy collecting the nectar. These trees make great honey.

As they grow remove the lower branches so you can walk underneath your tree. This allows the sunshine in, so your grass continues to grow.

If you own a house on property.
These trees look spectacular planted up your driveway. It will make your house look a million dollars in spring.

And in autumn you'll be amazed by the spectacular leaf colours.

Check out the Manchurian Pears flowering in your suburb as you walk the dog. Listen to the bees. They are having a lovely time.

We have spring seedlings starting to arrive.
Tomatoes and Petunias etc.
It's still cold at night.

But some gardeners like to plant early, and cover them at night to protect them from frost. It's a lot of work.

Best to wait another couple of weeks.
Prepare your gardens now.
Dig Tims Cow Manure, Tims FAST FOOD into your gardens. Mulch with Sugarcane.
Water well and wait.

We have a job going here.
You might know someone who's looking for work. We'd love a young guy who's going to uni or who's just finished school. It's casual.
Doing deliveries and loading customers cars. There's a lot of heavy lifting.

If you discover you love it.
We might offer you an apprenticeship.
Send your story to

I'm sorry if you can't come and visit us now due to Covid restrictions. We are doing deliveries on Mondays and Thursdays.
This might help you.
Ring store for costs 46267022.

Happy gardening