We’ve got Peanut Cactus!! - Jun 27, 2021

Time to plant spring blossom trees.

Dear gardening friends

Rosie Phulmati was in her garden when I turned up.

She took me out the back, and I discovered that Rosie, was more than a gardener.

Her backyard looked like a nursery. She told me that gardening was only a hobby. It gives her something to do in her retirement.

"I was a school teacher in Fiji"
She tells me. "In Suva, but I followed my son to Australia, due to the political unrest, I miss Fiji, but Australia is my home now.

I've been praying to God that he would send someone here to buy my cactus, and here you are."

So you think God sent me?
"Yes of course, of course. We are putting a second storey on the house in a couple of weeks so I have to move all my plants. My son is coming to live with us.

I live here with my husband but we are divorced now. I've been praying to God to send me customers, but I don't sell on Sundays, I put God first. Money will come later"

What does your son do?
"He's an engineer".

Rosie is very sharp with figures.
I try to get a bulk deal, if I buy all her Peanut Cactus. They have become collector plants, and I've been trying to buy them everywhere. But she's too sharp for me.

We have a nice chat.
I meet the most interesting people.

I start carrying the plants out to my car. "Come through the Church" Rosie tells me. It's the double garage with Lino on the floor, I can see the lectern.
Are you the Minister?
"No my son is".

We have Rosies Peanut Cactus for sale today. They cost $14.99.
They are amazing plants that get these beautiful bright orange flowers in spring.

They grow best in pots or hanging baskets using Tims Best Potting Mix.

Grow them outside in the sun.
They look prickly, but they actually aren't prickly at all. Kids will love these Cactus.
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I took home just four Instant Colour Johnny Jump Up Violas a few weeks ago and planted them in this big terracotta pot.
They have burst into bloom and filled the pot now. It looks fabulous.

Johnny Jump Up Violas are the easiest winter/spring flowers to grow. We have them on the potted colour bench this weekend. Fill your pots with colour.
They will make you smile.

Use our Tims Best Potting Mix.
It's only $12.00 a bag.
It's got enough fertiliser in it to make your flowers bloom and thrive for at least 6 months. You need some colour in your life.

Spring blossom trees arrived last week.
We have all your favourite varieties including Flowering Plums (pictured), Flowering Cherries and Flowering Crab Apples. These grow 3-5 ms H x 3ms W.

Here is a list of the trees we have in stock today.

Crab Apples
Malus floribunda, Malus ionensis Plena, Malus Tom Mathews.

Flowering Cherries
Prunus First Blush, Prunus Sekiyama (Kanzan), Prunus Mt Fuji,

Flowering Peach
Prunus persica Alboplena, Prunus persica Versicolour

Flowering Plum
Prunus blireana ( Pictured above)

Flowering Pears
Pyrus calleryana x pyrifolia Javelin
Pyrus Capital, Pyrus Chanticleer,
Pyrus ussuriensis, Pyrus Bradford.

These amazing trees have white spring blossom and amazing autumn foliage.
They are super fast growing.
Brilliant shade trees in summer.
Come see.

We also have a fabulous selection of Weeping Cherries. These are over 2 metres high and they are already weeping.
It's the best stock we've ever had.

Varieties include
Prunus "Snofozam" Snow Fountain
Prunus "Pisnshzam" Pink Snow Showers
Prunus Cheal's Weeping
Prunus Yedoensis Pink Cascade.

Weeping Cherries need to be planted on a mound of compost improved soil.
Mulch around the base to keep the soil moist and cool. Water twice weekly.
Don't fertilise!!!!!

We also have an amazing selection of Weeping Maples. Come see.
Our nursery is seriously looking full now.

Our fruit trees are flying out the store.
It could be the Covid thing happening all over again with people wanting to grow their own fruit. Remember you need 2 Apple trees to get fruit. They need cross pollination. We can help you.
It's easy.

Come for a drive.
Bring your kids?
Bring your mask.
We are out in the open, so it's safer.
Happy gardening