What’s the crunchiest Apple - Jun 18, 2021

Home grown tastes better!

Dear gardening friends
A truck load of bare rooted fruit and spring blossom trees, turned up on Wednesday morning. We all groaned.

You probably don't know, that these trees, are grown in the ground, in Monbulk Victoria. They are then dug up, and transported to us bare rooted.

We have to pot them up before the roots dry out. They have been dipped in a mud bath to seal the roots. It's dirty business.

We had 510 trees to pot up. We went through 10m3 of Premium Potting Mix.
We worked so hard, it's crazy.

Our nursery is full to the brim now with deciduous fruit and spring blossom trees.
Here is the list of Fruit Trees.
I'll give you the list of Spring Blossom trees next week.

Fruit trees

Dwarf Apples

Crimson Crisp, Gala, Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Red Fuji.
Trixzie Gala, Trixzie Pink Lady.

All in One Almond Trees.

Apricot Moorpark,
Cherries Starkrimson, Cherry Stella, Trixzie Black Cherry.

Black Genoa, Brown Turkey, Preston Prolific, White Adriatic, White Genoa.

Black English, Hicks Fancy.

Goldmine, Trixzie Nectazee

Double Jewel, Golden Queen, Trixzie Pixzee Peach.

Trixzie Pear Pyvert

Luisa Plum, Santa Rosa Plum
These varieties are self pollinating.

Pomegranate Mollar de Elche

Juglans nigra Black Walnut

You need two Apple trees to get fruit.
Read the labels to see which varieties are the best pollinators.

You can plant 2 trees in the one hole if you're pushed for room. Prune the trees to make sure one variety doesn't take over.

The crunchiest Apple you ever eat, will be the one you've grown yourself, on a tree in your backyard.

Most of these fruit trees are $55.00 in 250mm pots. The Cherries are $59.99 in 300mm pots. We've tried to keep the price down by potting them into smaller pots, where possible. But we don't like cutting off all the roots so sometimes plants are dearer because we've used bigger pots.

The plants health is more important than money.

To get fruit trees to grow, plant them on mounds of Planting Compost Improved soil. If you just dig a hole in the clay, and plant them, they won't grow.

Dig your hole.
Width is more important than depth.
Put soil to one side.
Tip a bag of IGC Planting Compost on top of this soil. Mix the two together.
Put soil back in hole.
It won't all fit, make a mound.

Dig your hole in this, to plant your tree.
Do not add any fertiliser!!!!!!!!!
If you do, your plants will probably die.
We have added a slow release fertiliser to the potting mix. This will feed your tree, until September.

Mulch around your tree with Tims Termite Resistant Woodchip or use Sugarcane.
Water tree immediately, and then twice a week with 10litres of water.

Remove fruit the first season.
Fruit stops the tree from growing.

We have a range of extra dwarf fruit trees called "Trixzie". These small growing fruit trees are more shrubs than trees.

These can be grown in large pots using Tims Best Potting Mix. A big pot should hold at least 2 bags of Tims Best Potting Mix (60 litres).

If your pot is smaller than this, you're wasting your time and money.
They need to be watered daily in summer.

Peaches and Nectarines will need to be sprayed with Lime Sulfur at bud swell, to prevent Peach Leaf Curl. Bud swell means, before the leaves shoot out in spring.

It's an exciting time of the year with New Season Roses, Fruit Trees and Spring Blossom trees, all available now.
Come see.

I was driving through Cawdor this week, and noticed this avenue of Manchurian Pear Trees.

It's got me stumped because Pyrus ussuriensis drops its leaves in autumn. These look like that variety, but they are still covered in leaves, and it's winter.

Pyrus are super hardy trees that will grow in wet boggy soils and really dry areas too. I doubt if these trees have been watered. They survive on rain water, once they are established.

Most people plant them too close together, but the spacing here is just right. You don't want the trees touching.

They have also been under pruned to expose the trunks. Trees look so much better when they are uplifted like this. It makes them look even grander.

Some people on acreage don't plant trees, they want everyone to see their big houses. But a row of trees like this makes your house look even more valuable.

Imagine what this looks like in spring, when they are covered in white blossom. You could hear the bees buzzing.

There is a Pyrus tree (Ornament Pear) that's suitable for any sized garden. We have all the varieties here now. Visit us this weekend.

Thanks to everyone who purchased a Red Scarf. We've raised $250 so far for The African AIDS Foundation.
That's great news.

Happy gardening