Find out what’s cooking? - Jun 11, 2021

Chinese Money Plants have arrived.

Dear gardening friends
It's my son's worst nightmare.
I've got the Slow Cooker out this morning.
My mum has a "Crock Pot."

Dan says "nothing good comes out of the Slow Cooker." But it was only 2 degrees at my place this morning. I've got the Red Scarf on. The dog didn't get a walk.

I decided to make Bacon Bone soup instead. The recipe is in my new cook book called "One Pot Pickles".

1kg of Bacon Bones, Chorizo sausage,
Celery, Carrot, Onion, Potato, Leek, Garlic, Worcestershire sauce, Italian herbs, cracked Pepper (until your arms sore), and 3 Anchovies (they replace stock cubes, and are more natural.)
Fill with Chicken stock.
Cook for 8hrs on low.

When I get home, the house is going to smell delicious. Comfort food warms you up. I'm dreaming about dinner already.

Geraniums are often grown in small pots and window boxes. They look good for a season, and then they end up looking straggly and ugly.

It's not often you see them growing in big pots like this. Don't they look fabulous!!!!

This is a modern day variety called "Big Red". When you grow it in big pots, the plants get to reach their full potential.

They have grown into bushy shrubs about 600x600mm. They are covered in new growth and they are covered in bright red flowers. They look amazing!!

I've got Geraniums growing in big terracotta pots at my place. I've had them for at least 5 years.

I've got them growing in Tims Best Potting Mix. Whenever they start to look tired, I cut them back by 50%.

I mulch the soil with Tim's Cow Manure and fertilise with Tims FAST FOOD.

They sprout fresh new growth from the bare stems, and flowers soon follow.

Most plants flower from new growth, so that's why you have to prune plants.
New growth equals more flowers.

I've discovered that my Geraniums actually look best in the cooler months. They are covered in buds and flowers right now.

Geraniums are fabulous plants, and modern day varieties, grow bushier, and flower more often.

Red's my favourite colour, but if pink's your thing, check out "Big Splash" and "Big Pink".

Get them out of those little pots, set them free, stand back, and watch them explode with winter colour!!

Alacantarea Silver Plum is a long lived Bromeliad that has sculptural leaves that are rich burgundy underneath, and silver on top. They grow in full sun and semi sun to about 1mx1m. They are spectacular.

It's the same variety Hayden used in his garden make over. We only have 10 plants.
Only $17.99 in 140mm pots.
These often sell for $40 plus.
These are great in gardens or pots.
Zoom zoom.

I found this new deep pink flowering form, of the Chinese Money Plant, growing in an old garden in Camden.

It's so special and rare, we have propagated plants here at the nursery for you.
We have small plants for just $9.99.

The Chinese believe this plant brings them good luck and fortune. You need to grow one at your front and back door, to stop the wealth from escaping.

Botanically known as Crassula ovata "Rosea" this exciting plant is easy to grow in pots or in your garden.

They can be pruned to any height.
They flower through the cooler months. You'll see the lighter pink flowering form in gardens all over Macarthur.

But it's this dark pink flowering form that everybody wants. We have bigger plants flowering in the nursery today for $29.99 and $75.00.
Come check them out.

Our potted New Season Rose Bushes are walking out the door. There's a national shortage of Roses this year due to Covid.
The big growers are sold out.
If you want Rose Bushes, don't put it off.

We are open all long weekend.
Saturday 8.30-5pm
Sunday 9-4pm
Monday 10-4pm

Happy gardening