Run Forrest Run!! - May 31, 2021

The fragrance is heavenly.

Dear gardening friends

It was world bee day last week.
Bees have been in my life since childhood. When I was 12 years old, one of my best friends, Brad Mathews bought a mini bike off John Birmingham for $25.00. I was secretly spewing because I always wanted a mini bike.

John Birmingham lived across the road from my house. He was always looking at his car engine. It must have been very interesting.

When he wasn't looking at his car engine he made a mini bike, using a lawn mower engine. It was Mad Max like, before Mad Max had been invented.

It had a scooter tyre at the front and a mini bike tyre at the back. To get it started, you had to run along beside it ,and then throw your bottom on the seat, to jump start it.
It had no brakes. We were 12.
Stopping was irrelevant.
We had feet. Bare feet.

Everyone turned up to ride it.
Brad Mathews went first, because he owned it. We watched in awe as he expertly rode his bike in a circle.

We waited patently for our turn.
We didn't have helmets.
We all had a turn.

Manuel Andia was the last to get a ride.
He was a bit uncoordinated.
He chased that bike for 25 metres before he landed on the seat, we cheered, he took off.

He turned too late, and disappeared into the creek. We started laughing.
But then we heard a crash and Manuel started yelling out bees, bees!!!!

He came out of the creek like an Olympic athlete, he was being chased by a thousand bees. I started running.
Scotty Mitchell followed me.
We took off faster than Usain Bolt.
We could hear the bees chasing us.
I've never run so fast.

Luckily our front door was open.
Scotty and I slammed the door, just in time to see bees stuck on the fly screen. We waited until they left, then went back to see Manuel.

We found him up the road from Kenny's place. A neighbour had heard the commotion and hosed the bees off.
An ambulance was called.
They took him away.

He survived.
We found out later, that he'd ridden the mini bike through a swarm of bees, hanging from a branch. They fell on top of him.
He was lucky to survive.

He later joined the army.
Brad Mathews moved to Shoalhaven heads and disappeared.
I keep bees now.
I'll tell you how that started one day.
You won't believe it.

More Roses turned up yesterday, from a supplier in Victoria. We buy roses from this nursery, because they have new releases that Rose collectors love.
They cost $5.00 more than the tried and true varieties, but when you see the amazing flowers you'll know why.
The boys are potting them up today.
Come and see our selection tomorrow.
We are still waiting on another 500 roses, including standards. So it's not over yet.

The beautiful Rose in the photo is called "Paradise." This is one of my favourite roses. It has a beautiful perfume too.
If you love roses come and see us.
We are already getting low on some varieties. Zoom zoom.

I had an elderly customer in yesterday, who was telling me she was moving into a new house with a tiny garden.

I was having a coffee in the lunchroom, and she walked up to the door, opened it, and then sat beside me. I had a little laugh to myself.

"This is my final house" she told me.
"I've lived in houses with big gardens all my life, now I've down sized. It's tiny, I don't even have room for a cat."
(I made that bit up).

She wanted to know what trees would be safe to plant? She wanted smaller deciduous trees.

I told her you can't go past Crepe Myrtles for autumn colour. They are more famous for their crepe like flowers, that just keep blooming, all summer long.

But I spotted this Crepe Myrtle in Glen Alpine. The morning sun was highlighting the beautiful leaves. I said "Wow".

This is the white flowering Indian Summer Crepe Myrtle called "Acoma". It's a beauty.
I've taken a photo of this tree in full bloom.
It's a winner.

My friend stayed for a while.
She's bringing me back photos of her house and garden, when she moves in.

I'm a tree lover.
Even tiny gardens look better with trees.

These tiny gardens aren't new.
I was walking around Paddington recently and suddenly realised how beautiful, the tree filled gardens were.

They don't spend their days and nights worrying about roots and pipes and "will it lift my house?"
They spend their days enjoying their beautiful trees.

I've just been having a coffee in the lunchroom. The windows are open.
A breeze is blowing through.

I'm looking for vintage furniture on my phone, when I catch a sweet fragrance wafting through.

I look out through the door. We have Daphnes and Gardenias in the shade house, but this fragrance is even sweeter.

I wander outside looking for the source.
I find it. I can't believe such a beautiful perfume can come from such an insignificant, tiny white flower.

But then I catch it's perfume. It's heavenly.
I zoom in for a big whiff.
It's intoxicating.

It's "Osmanthus fragrans" of course.
So few gardeners know about this plant.
It's almost a secret.

Much easier to grow than Daphne.
It flowers more often too.
These tiny white flowers pack a punch. It smells like sweet, sun ripened apricots.

It thrives in full sun or part shade.
Hide one in your garden somewhere.
It's not a stunner, it's the ugly duckling.
But that perfume will reward you almost constantly. We have nice plants in the nursery. Come see.

Hayden is giving the garden a makeover.
He was huffing and puffing yesterday.
He pulled a few plants out with the van.
He's got grand plans.
Come and see what he's up too.
He's very creative.
Money is no object, he's using my money!

Our nursery is looking fabulous.
Our winter stock is arriving.
It's worth a visit.
Come for a walk.
Happy gardening