Zygocactus have arrived! - May 14, 2021

So easy to grow!

Dear gardening friends

I'm loving this new release Zygocactus called "Butterfly."
It's such a beautiful flower colour.
We have at least 10 named varieties, from a Collectors Plant Nursery in Melbourne.

These amazing shade, or morning sun loving succulents, are so easy to grow.
Pot them up into bigger pots or hanging baskets, using Tim's Best Potting Mix.

Put several colours together in the one pot, and watch them pop, every autumn and winter. Once you have one, you can grow more from cuttings.

You'll find or huge selection of Zygocactus outside in the Succulent area. We have two sizes today $9.99, and $16.99.
We have heaps more stock arriving next week.

A lot of you missed out last year, during the Covid meltdown. It was crazy times.
Don't miss out this time.
Zoom zoom.

Have you planted your Garlic yet?
It's time to grow Garlic, and it's so easy to grow. Simply buy a clove of garlic from us and divide it up into scales.
Plant each scale pointy end up, 10cms apart, into well prepared garden soil.

Dig Tim's Cow Manure into your soil first, to get the biggest garlic cloves in November. We have a fresh supply of Spanish Garlic on the counter for $2.75.

This purple garlic looks amazing and it has the most beautiful garlic fragrance.
You'll love it.

Garlic can be grown in a big pot, using Tims Best Potting Mix in sunny spots.
Harvest in November or when the leaves turn yellow. It's simple.

Our New Season Rose Bushes are walking out the door. We have the most beautiful two year old thick stemmed roses.
Plant them now and they will be covered in fragrant flowers in late October/November.

See last weeks newsletter for our full list of Roses that are here now.
More varieties are coming next month including new releases.
Roses cost $34.99, but you'll get your Tim's Garden Club Discount.

The photo above shows some of my favourite varieties including Mr Lincoln, Blue Moon, Double Delight and Just Joey.
These four Roses have amazing perfume and they are long stemmed, so they are perfect for picking.

Never fertilise newly planted Roses with Rose fertiliser or you might kill your plants.
Roses grow best in the ground, rather than in pots. This is because they need lots of water, especially in summer.

I had a traumatic morning this week.
It started with a trip to the dentist.
I don't like dentists. I was traumatised as a child. I have more fillings than teeth.

Times have changed.
My new dentist is amazing.

But as I was driving back to work, I made a detour through Mt Annan Botanic Gardens.
The sun was shining, it just looked so inviting, I needed plant therapy to recover.

I parked my car and wondered up through the Jurassic Garden. I haven't been through the gardens for a while.

It was looking spectacular. The gardens are beautifully maintained. There are more colourful natives planted here now.
So many plants were in flower. It's free to get in.

What an amazing place we have, right here in Macarthur. It's world class, and getting better.

I met a few customers during my walk, they made me smile.
I'll be back soon.
I didn't see it all.
#barrysmithdental #drelvirabonanno #thankyou

We have Broccolini seedlings.
These are getting more popular with vegetable gardeners.
Don't forget to prepare your veggie patch first by digging in Tims Cow Manure and Tims FAST FOOD Fertiliser.
Use Multiguard Snail pellets to stop the snails and slugs from eating your plants.

It's going to be a beautiful sunny weekend.
Come and visit us.
Happy gardening