Fast easy Mother’s Day Gifts!!!! - May 07, 2021

Flowers that last for 6 months.

Dear gardening friends.
If you're like me, you'll have piles of washing in the laundry. It's been a wet week.
But I'm not complaining, it was starting to get dry again, and now your trees and shrubs, are going to thrive.

Don't forget, it's Mother's Day this Sunday.
Our shop is full of beautiful flowering plants that will make your mum happy.

All our flowers have roots, so after they finish flowering, your mum can keep them in the pots, or plant them in her garden.
It just makes sense.

Cyclamen are our favourite Mothers Day Flowers because they can flower non stop for 6 months.

I gave a gardening talk at Carrington Retirement Village during the week.
I asked them "Put your hand up if you've killed a Cyclamen, come on, be honest."

They started laughing when the hands went up. If just given a talk to Carrington Garden Club. They hadn't met for 14 months due to Covid.

Almost 50% had killed a Cyclamen.
Cyclamen love the cold.
When you put them inside your house, in a heated environment, the plants think it's summer, and they go into hibernation mode.

The leaves turn yellow, start to droop, and you go into panic mode. You start watering it every day, you fertilise it too.

Within the week the corm has rotted, and your plant has gone to plant heaven.
There's a lot of plants up there.
Mainly Cyclamen.

Grow your Cyclamen outside where it's cold and shady and they will stay alive, thrive, and flower, for 6 months or more.

Repot it into straight away into a bigger pot (at least twice as big) using Tim's Best Potting Mix and your Cyclamen will grow twice as big and it will get twice as many flowers. We will do the repotting for you for free, when you buy a ceramic pot, and Cyclamen from us, this weekend.

Put it on your patio where it gets morning sun only. (Not hot sun). Water when the leaves just start to droop. It will flower all autumn, winter and spring.

If you find the perfect spot, it will flower through summer too. It will just keep growing, it will forget about going into hibernation. You'll have it for 10 years or more. You'll become famous.
Especially when you move into Carrington Retirement Village.

We had a laugh.
Gardeners are good people.

We have beautiful indoor plants that will make your mum happy too.
We are happy to pot these up for you too.
We have a gorgeous selection of Dinosaur cover pots here today.
These are great because you just sit your plant in them. There's no drainage hole to leak water onto your benches.
Come see.

We had 1600 new season Rose Bushes turn up this week from our grower in South Australia. They are huge thick stemmed shrubs that you will love.

They have come early this year.
We potted them up in the rain.

We were helped by two kids from Elizabeth Macarthur High. Ben and Keira.
We found them raincoats.
They didn't complain.
They became part of our team.
We've all got Rose wounds.
We got the job done.

I was very impressed by the tenacity of these kids. They will both find jobs no worries.

They had lunch with us. They heard our stories. We heard their stories too.

By the end of the week they had forgotten about being shy. I was getting back chat.
They made me laugh.
We laughed together.
Thanks guys.

If you're after Roses, now is the best time to buy them. This is our list today.
More varieties are coming next month.
We will have standard Roses next month too.

These Roses are all potted, so there's no rush to plant them. They will stay in these pots for months. We use Premium Potting Mix. They have all been pre pruned by us.

When you plant them, don't apply Rose Fertiliser. This kills newly planted Roses.
Prepare your soil with Tim's Cow Manure.
Mulch with Sugarcane.

They will sprout new growth straight away.
They will be flowering in October/November.
Plants cost $34.99.

There's going to be a shortage of Roses this year due to Covid. Not every variety you want, will be available.
Zoom zoom

Red Roses

The Macarthur Rose
Mister Lincoln
Double Delight
Burgundy Iceberg
Black Beauty
Sir Donald Bradman
RSL Rose
Harry Wheatcroft
Fathers Love
Fragrant Charm
Papa Meilland
Camp David
Black Velvet
Summer Holiday

Yellow Roses

Helmut Schmidt
Spek's Yellow
Gold Bunny
Kings Randsom
St Patrick

Pink Roses

Eiffel Tower
Perfume Delight
Cecile Brunner
Best Friend
Fiona's Wish
First Love
Queen Elizabeth
Many Happy Returns
Princesse de Monaco
Fragrant Cloud
Maria Callas
McLeods Daughter
In Appreciation
Pink Peace
The Children's Rose
Blushing Pink Iceberg
Candy Stripe
Mother's Love
Forget me not

White Roses

Pope John Paul 11

Blue Roses

Ebb Tide
Blue Moon
Angel Face
Charles de Gaulle
Fragrant Plum

Orange Roses

Gold Medal
Las Vegas
Julia's Rose
Just Joey

Climbing Roses
Pierre de Ronsard
Blushing Pierre de Ronsard
Gold Bunny

If you've only got room for few Roses here are my favourite big 4.
Mr Lincoln. Amazing perfumed red flowers.

Blue Moon. Almost thornless disease resistant foliage and beautiful highly perfumed flowers that are great for cutting.

Double Delight. Cream and red flowers that are highly perfumed. Great cut flower.

Just Joey. Gorgeous frilly edged apricot coloured highly fragrant blooms that are perfect for picking.

If you still can't make up your mind about what to get your mum for Mother's Day don't forget that we have $50 Gift Cards for just $40.00. You could buy a few for yourself too. They are amazing value.

Happy gardening