Flowers that last for 6 months? - Apr 30, 2021

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for you.

Dear gardening friends.

Our Mothers Day Cyclamen turned up yesterday. They look spectacular.
They are beautifully presented in boxes.
You won't have to do a thing!

These will flower non stop for 6 months or more. They are better value than cut flowers that die within a week.

The secret to growing Cyclamen is to put them outside in the cold.
They like morning sun then shade.
Water them when the leaves just start to droop.

If you buy a ceramic pot, we will repot your Cyclamen for you using Tim's Best Potting Mix. Buy a pot that's twice the size.
This amazing turbo charged potting mix makes your Cyclamen double in size and get twice as many flowers.

If she finds the right spot, your mum could have your Cyclamen for up to 10 years.

Put it inside, near a heater, and she'll have it for 2 days, and it will drop dead.
Supply is always limited.
Don't leave it till the last minute!

Hayden has made a selection of Succulent Gardens for Mother's Day.
They are only $49.99.
They look beautiful.
He's making more today.
These will sell like hot cakes.
They grow best outside in the sun.

I've got some exciting news.
Our Roses are coming a month early this year. They are arriving next week.

I walked past this old house in Blacktown during the week and I noticed this Just Joey Rose, really made the garden pop.

I lent in, and gave it a good sniff.
The perfume was amazing.

This Rose wouldn't get much love, but it couldn't look any better than this.
Disease free and looking sensational.
We have this variety coming.

There is going to be a shortage of Roses this year. All the big growers are sold out already.

Because of Covid, the budders who fly in from overseas, couldn't come, or they arrived late.

Standard Roses will be hard to find.

Prepare your garden now by digging Tim's Cow Manure into your soil. It's real cow manure. The others are selling an inferior product that has 25% cow manure and 75% Green waste. It's not as good.
Blind Freddy knows that.

One of the characters on Queen St came up to me while I was having my morning coffee.

"All my Citrus are falling down on the floor, what's happening?" He told me.

I got this very same question on the weekend. It's happened to my Robbie Engalls Seedless Mandarin at home. Each fruit has a brown spot on it. It's a sign that the fruit have been stung by fruit fly.

Why is this happening?
It's never happened before?

Citrus trees are fruiting earlier this year. It could be caused by all the rain and the amazing growing conditions.

Fruit fly aren't around during the cooler months, so Citrus usually escape damage.
But the fruit have ripened earlier, when Fruit fly is rampant.

When I explained this to Gus, he shrugged his shoulders, he's been around a long time.

My customer on the weekend was Italian, he thru a massive tantrum, he waved his arms around in the air, he was going home to pull out all his trees he told me. He'd wasted so much time and money watering them, and feeding them, "to get nothing."
Fruit Fly was some how my fault.

We used to sell chemicals that killed Fruit fly larvae inside the fruit. They found out those chemicals killed people too, so they stopped us from selling them.
We don't want to kill people.
Not even the cranky ones.

I was driving through Camden last Friday, and I noticed this old Ute turning into a driveway in front of me.
I knew the driver.

I parked my car and met Hellen as she opened her car door.
"Hello" she said.
"How's your beautiful family?"

Helen's from the same era as my mother, they always want to know how you are? They remember things that you and I, have long forgotten.

I have known Helen and Charlie, since they owned Cowell's Nursery, in Theresa Park.
They retired 20 years ago and moved into Camden.

They were Camellia and Azalea specialists, but they actually started the nursery growing Fuchsias.

Their front garden is full of Camellias and Azaleas, but when you go around the back, you discover Helen's secret obsession. Succulents!!!!!!!!

"Don't go around there" she warned me,
"it's so untidy".
It wasn't untidy, the plants were all beautifully arranged.

"It all started when a friend gave me a mixed pot of succulents" she tells me.
"I haven't been able to stop since then, I grow them for charities, I supply Treasures on Argyle and Mother Hubbards Cupboard, they do good things with the money, I like to help".

She likes to keep busy she tells me. Her friends are starting to fall apart with old age and injuries, so she takes them to the doctor and shops. She's like Uber, but she doesn't get paid. "I don't mind" she says.

Charlie has a love of photography. It started when customers wanted to know what the flowers looked like?

In the beginning there were no picture labels for plants. They were just black and white tags with a name and description. Charlie took photos himself so he could show his customers.

The walls in his man shed are covered in his favourite photos. Charlie thinks a lot before he talks, I like him.

They are both winding down, but they still don't have time to do all the things on their list. "We like to be busy" Helen tells me.
"It's keeping us alive."
I meet the nicest people.

The weather has been amazing this week.
Our nursery is looking fabulous.
You really should come for a visit.
Bring a friend.
Bring your mother.
Happy gardening