We are open all Easter Weekend. - Apr 02, 2021

Exciting new plants have arrived.

Dear gardening friends
Charlie Vella has been delivering us seedlings for 18 years. He's old school.
As honest as the day is long.

I was telling him a month ago that Oasis should be using Tim's Best Potting mix to grow their seedlings.
He laughed.
But I was serious.

The next week he bought 2 bags of Tim's Best to use at home. He's a keen gardener. He used it to plant up Pansies, in hanging baskets.

He has been amazed by the results.
He wanted to buy another bag this week. He had $10.00 in his top pocket.

"Sorry mate it's $12.00 now.
But I'm going to give you a bag for free." He's been helping us for 18 years. He didn't want it for free.

We've converted him to use our Tim's Best Potting Mix. He was dubious to start with.
Once you've tried it you'll never go back.

Charlie was telling me he bought a bag from somewhere else, it was as light as a feather, it had no sand in it for drainage, it was full of sticks, nothing grew.
What a sad story.

Tim's Best Potting Mix was $14.50 a bag before Covid, so it's still a bargain at $12.00.

We are always looking for exciting new plants. Yesterday "Cows Udder" turned up, from a Collectors Plant nursery in Byron Bay.

This amazing shrub has these unusual yellow fruit, that are used in floral arrangements. You may have seen them used at some of the fancy hotels in Sydney.

Botanically known as Solanum mammosum it's the first time we've ever had this collectors plant. It grows 1.5m x 1.5ms in sunny spots that are frost free.

The non edible fruit appear in summer, then stay on the plant through autumn and winter. It looks amazing in a vase.
It's so quirky!!!!!

We only have 6 plants so zoom zoom if you want one.

My love for this giant Algerian Oak tree, growing in Jugiong, never diminishes.

I stopped for lunch in Jugiong last Saturday and I noticed this tree had acorns ready for picking.

I've parked my campervan under this tree, a dozen times, but it's always been at the wrong time to collect seeds.
It was my lucky day.

I've picked up at least 50 acorns. I'm going to be giving some of these away this weekend.

Quercus canariensis as it's botanically known, isn't found in the Canary Islands as the name suggests.

It's actually found in Portugal, Spain, Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria. The timber was so prized it's now almost extinct in the wild.

The tree is one of the biggest trees I've ever seen. At least 25ms high by 25ms wide.
The huge leaves are shiny and green.
It's deciduous, so the leaves will fall in winter, to let the sun shine through.

To grow the seeds, simply plant them the seed thickness below the ground using Tim's Best potting mix.
They should sprout within 6 weeks.

More suited for parks and large gardens. They could be planted in school playgrounds too.

It's so big you'll want to hug it.
You'll be helping to save this beautiful tree from extinction.

How on earth did this one end up in Jugiong?
In someone's pocket?
A seed collector like me?

Seeds are on the counter today.
One seed per customer.
Limited supply.

We've extended the draw for Hayden's amazing Succulent pot till this Monday at 4pm. We hope to raise at least $1500 for Beyondblue. It's a great cause so we would love your support.
Tickets are 3 for $5.00. Or $2.00 each.
All money raised goes to Beyondblue.

I went to pick my home grown Olives today and noticed all the fruit are rotting on the trees. The wet weather has caused the fruit to get a fungus disease. Such sad news because I had my best crop ever.

We had a rose grower in yesterday who shows his Roses at the Royal Easter Show every year and often wins prizes but his Roses are covered in fungus diseases.
The leaves have turned black.

Hopefully as the ground and air dries out, plants will return to health.
You can spray your plants with Seasol.
This has a natural anti fungal properties and it nurses sick plants back to health.

We have so many exciting new plants in the nursery this long weekend. We are open every day from 9am to 4pm.
Come and see us if you need help in your garden. We love what we do.

Happy gardening