What’s wrong with your Citrus trees - Mar 05, 2021

Hibiscus make your garden smile!

Dear gardening friends

We've had beautiful autumn weather this week. Yes summer is over, and autumn has arrived. That means it's time to garden again.

Our latest batch of Hibiscus Rio Clara arrived this week. These new varieties have been especially bred to have huge colourful flowers and big glossy green leaves.

They are more compact growing, so they are suitable for smaller gardens and large pots.

Hibiscus flower throughout the warmer months. They love water, so add extra planting compost to your gardens, and put mulch around the roots, to get the best results.

These amazing shrubs are budding and coming into flower now, so you won't have to wait long to see the spectacular tropical flowers. Nice plants cost just $17.99.
We've brought these all the way from South Australia.

If you're growing them in pots use our famous Tim's Best Potting Mix.
It's still only $10.00 a bag, but this is the last weekend at this great price.
Stock up while it's still on special.

Are the leaves on your Citrus trees curling up and looking terrible?
You've got Citrus Leaf Miner!!!!
Citrus leafminer is the larvae of a tiny silvery white moth, around 4mm long, which lays it's eggs on the new growth of citrus.

After hatching from the eggs, the leafminer larvae tunnel into the leaf, leaving silvery trails. This snail like tunnelling is often referred to as "leaf curl" because of the distortion that occurs to the leaf.

There can be up to 15 generations of leafminer per year, but major attacks occur when numbers build up from the beginning of summer to autumn.

Severe infestations can slow down the growth of young trees.

A prevention strategy is best, because once the larvae have tunnelled inside the leaf, control is very difficult.

Remove damaged leaves, then spray your trees all over with Pestoil every month. Spray again after rain.
The oil on the leaf, deters the Citrus leaf miner moth from laying its eggs.

Pestoil is non poisonous to you.
Come see us for more info.
It's time to fertilise your Citrus trees.
Don't use Citrus Fertiliser on potted Citrus trees because it burns the roots.
Use Tim's FAST FOOD instead.

I've just walked through this shady oasis in John Street Camden.
It made me feel good.
No a mean it. I felt my body react to the shade and tranquility.
It passed through me.
I smiled.

These trees have survived mankind.
There are hundreds of reasons why they should have been cut down over the years.
I bet they drop leaves.

A paver or two has probably lifted up here and there. God someone could have tripped!

But these trees have been cleverly cared for over the years.

For a start, they haven't boxed them in with Asphalt right up to the trunk.
They have made big open spaces around the trees and used Crushed Granite as pavement.

This allows the water into the ground when it rains, so the soil gets recharged with moisture.

This keeps the trees healthy and helps to stop them dropping leaves. It stops them sending roots out for miles looking for water so they are less likely to lift pavers.

There are several trees planted together, so they look after each other. Each tree helps to protect the other from heat and strong winds. Trees grow better in a forest.

Walk through this urban forest when you get a chance. Let me know if you feel it too.

Sit here for 10 minutes and eat your lunch, and your mental health will improve. Your blood pressure will come down. You'll be a kinder person.
Trees are beautiful.
They make life better for us.

What's happened to clean up Australia Day?
On the 16th of October 2018, the great man who started Clean up Australia Day,
Ian Kiernan died.

You don't hear much about it now, but Ian "very much believed in shared ownership of problems. Litter is a perfect example: the issue starts with the people who are manufacturing the products in the first place; then it moves on to the retailers; and then it comes down to the consumers.

From the beginning, Ian was very focused on making sure that everyone understood that we are all part of the problem, therefore we all have to be part of the solution."

Macarthur is the fast food capital of Australia so there's no shortage of rubbish littering our streets and parks.

We are very proactive in keeping our little patch here in Queen street free of rubbish.
Pig wouldn't have it any other way.

Council can't keep up with cleaning up the mess. It's up to everyone to help.

Our nursery is looking amazing at the moment. Our plants have reacted to the cooler weather. They are growing like crazy.
We have exciting new plants for autumn.
Come for a walk.
It will make you feel good.
Happy gardening