Free Mangoes in your garden - Feb 19, 2021

Turn your back yard into a rainforest.

Dear gardening friends

I spotted this Mango tree growing in Ingleburn. It was covered in huge fruit, about to ripen.

Bowen Mango and Kensington Pride are the same Mango sold under different names.
We have both varieties.

I often get asked for Dwarf Mango trees, but you don't need a dwarf variety when you live in Macarthur. Our cold winters stop them from growing into huge trees like they do in Queensland.

Mango trees don't even need to be grafted. A seedling Mango fruits just as quickly as a grafted tree.

Mango trees are beautiful looking, cloud shaped trees to about 5-6 metres in 20 years.

They are so beautiful, there's no reason why you couldn't plant one in your front yard and use it as a shade tree for privacy.

We have around 80 trees.
Just remember who you bought it from, and how much you loved that person, when your tree is loaded with fruit like this.
We are besties!!!!!!

To have success, plant your fruit trees, on a mound of IGC Planting Compost Improved soil. Then mulch with Tims Termite Resistant Mulch. Don't fertilise.
Water twice weekly, with at least 10 litres of water.

African Violets are back in stock.
These old world indoor plants are back in fashion, but they are so hard to find.
We've found a supplier who just grows the best African Violets.

We've got all your old favourite colours, plus the double flowering varieties too. We have Ceramic African Violet pots, that allow you to water them from the bottom.

African Violets don't like getting water on their leaves, especially during the cooler months.

There's no need to use African Violet Potting mix, they grow well in our Tim's Best Potting mix, no worries.
Come see our selection.

I called into Janiece Kalmars place last week, and I found her in the garden, with her watering can.

Yes it had been raining all night, and all day, but Janiece wasn't going to rely on nature, to water her newly planted babies.

Her next door neighbour recently classified Janiece. "You know Janiece, I'm a gardener, but you're a constant gardener".
She certainly is.

Janiece visits us at least twice a week.
She called in just to wish Hayden happy birthday. She knows all the staff by name. She's part of our family.

She hasn't always lived in suburbia.
She lived on 40 acres with her husband, but then one Christmas Day, a bushfire roared through their property and gave them a fright. They had irrigation on the roof and that's what saved the house.

They sold up, and bought a house in Elderslie's "Green Triangle". There's a couple of streets in Elderslie, that have great soil, and an under ground water supply, that never runs dry.

Janiece's garden is tiny out the back, but she's planted trees strategically, so she can't see any houses. She has sacrificed lawn for rainforest trees, like Ivory Curl trees and Blueberry Ash.

As these trees have grown, she has chosen shade loving plants, to grow under them.
A path leads you through the rainforest.

She's got a beautiful grafted Gum tree, that's covered in red flowers.
These staminate, bird attracting flowers, were dripping with nectar.

Her back verandah looks out onto the garden. She has a table and chairs here where she can sit and watch the nature, that her garden attracts.

She has made her own oasis.
She could be anywhere.
She could be still out at the farm, there's so much foliage.

Her garden will never be finished.
What she can't grow in the ground, she plants in pots. It's forever evolving.

She's getting old now but her garden keeps her young. She was running around like a 40 year old.

She has grown Illawarra Flame trees, from seeds, we were giving away, last year.
They are ready to rehome.
A local School's going to get them.

Trees grow, where ever Janiece goes.
Isn't she lovely.

Woolworths Discovery Gardens are back!!!!!This time there's 24 to collect, including Herbs, Flowers and Vegetables.

Nearly all the varieties are in season.
Herbs include, Chives , Lemon Balm, Oregano, Red Basil (save till spring), Sage and Thyme.

Flowers include Aster, Cornflower, Dianthus, Lavender, Pansy's, Phacellia (bees love this), Phlox, Salvia (save till spring), Swan River Daisy (native) and Zinnia.

Vegetables include, Spring onions, Cabbage, Carrots (direct plant in the ground), Cherry Tomatoes (save till spring), Lettuce, Silverbeet and Spinach.

This year, forget about Woolworths instructions. Grow them outside in the sun. This way they are sun hardy when they grow, so you can plant them straight into your garden, or into bigger pots, once they sprout.

Don't just leave them in these tiny pots to die like last year.

We can help you with free pots from our pot recycling bin in the carpark.
Bring some if you have too many.

Pot your seedlings on, into bigger pots, using Tim's Best Potting Mix. It's got everything in it to make your plants thrive and bloom.
It's still only $10.00 a bag.

If your transplanting your seedlings into your garden. Prepare your soil by digging in Tim's Cow Manure. This organic fertiliser will make your seedlings thrive.

We unloaded truck after truck this week
We have some fabulous plants that are new or we haven't seen for a long time.
It's worth a visit, just to see what we've got.
Happy gardening