Have you got a bald patch? - Oct 19, 2010

It has been one of the wettest springs for a long time so your lawn at home has probably never looked better. Isn't it frustrating though when you get a bald patch where no grass seems to grow.

I have been fixing the bald patches in my lawn at home this spring by planting a new type of buffalo grass called Matilda.

This fast growing broad leaf buffalo looks a lot like kikuyu but it grows in sunny or shady areas. It even thrives on the south side of your house where traditional grasses like kikuyu and couch fail every winter.

I have been digging up the bald patches with a mattock and then I cut a patch of Matilda turf to the required size and shape using a sharp shovel. If the patch fits tight it is more likely to root.

The turf has to sit level with the existing grass or your lawn mower with simply destroy it the first time you mow. Once the turf is laid I cover it with a thin cover of Tim's topdressing and water it often. The topdressing absorbs more water and keeps the grass protected from the hot sun. I planted turf last year during that heat spell without covering it with soil and it all died.

Don't mow over the patch for at least a couple of weeks or until it knits.

Matilda buffalo grows very fast and it is dark green in colour. It seems to be more drought tolerant than Sir Walter.

Matilda buffalo is available every friday and saturday at the nursery for $6.60 a roll. We do sell out so it is best to pre order and pay.

Topdressing costs $8.99 or buy 2 for $16.00. Tim's Topdressing is available in bulk for $45.00 per cubic metre plus delivery.

Great news, Lisa is back at work and looking slim.

Simon had a rant about young people last week which means he must be getting old.

P.S Start looking for a fast snail, our Melbourne cup for snails is on again on Saturday 30th of October at 11am. This fun event for kids has been postponed for 5 years because of the drought. To enter simply bring a used toy that we can donate to Lifelines christmas toy appeal.

Happy gardening