Do you have a family tree? - Feb 12, 2021

You will love the sweet scent.

Dear gardening friends
We are having such a great growing season. I've noticed the Crepe Myrtles are starting to flower again.

When we get late summer rain, they get fresh new growth, and even more flowers. They are going to flower right through autumn too!!!!!

I posted a story about my family tree, that's growing in a park in Junee. It was so popular I'm posting it here too.

My family tree?
In 1936 my father Ron Pickles, and his twin brother Peter Pickles, were 5 years old.

They had gone to Wagga Wagga with their parents for the day, and in a park, they collected acorns under an English Oak tree.

The seeds were bought home to Junee and planted in the garden.

In 1938 Wally Lidden, the local plumber, was digging trenches in the yard to install sewer pipes, and asked the boys to move "this skinny looking tree", that was about 3ft high.

In 1943 Junee Memorial Park was built, and the local Mayor, Mr Hobbin, asked the community to donate trees and flowers.

There were no nurseries in those days. Alfred Pickles decided to donate the boys' oak tree.

Peter Pickles remembers helping the Mayor to plant the tree. He's 90 years old now but still has an amazing memory.

The tree survived and now it stands 20 metres high by 20 metres wide. The girth of the trunk is 3.220 metres.

A few years ago I asked my Uncle Peter to collect seeds from our family tree. He collected the seeds then forgot to send them.

He owns a Hardware store in Junee and he got talking to some ladies who had come into the store.

Turns out they were from Campbelltown, just passing through. He asked them if they would drop in the seeds.

My son Dan has grown an Oak tree from those seeds. We planted one in a park in Camden. Dan sold some here too.

We are giving away Oak Tree seeds here at the nursery. If you've got kids, they might like to grow one. Growing a tree from a seed, is magical.

Pot them up using Tim's Best Potting Mix and they will sprout within 6 weeks.
We should have pots in our recycling bin.
Bring us some, if you've got an over supply.

Just arrived!!!!!!!!
Piper crocatum. It's new.
This amazing climbing indoor plant has spotted pink, heart shaped leaves.
Perfect gift for Valentines Day.
We only have 10.
It's a Collectors Plant.
Zoom zoom.

We have beautiful indoor plants and ceramic pots for Valentine's Day, and we are happy to pot these up for you, using Tim's Best Potting Mix. We have free gift wrapping too.

Have you got a favourite spot, where you can sit outside, and look into your garden?

I have a favourite spot. See photo.
I spend a lot of time sitting here, looking out. It's peaceful.
I hear the birds talking.
I hear the wind rustling the leaves.

My wife wants me to watch a movie, but I'm watching this instead.

A Willy Wag tail has just turned up.
It's watching me, we are watching each other.

It's checking out it's kingdom before going to bed. It's making a lot of noise. But it's natures noise.
My world is winding down.

If you haven't got a private spot where you can sit outside and recharge your human batteries, then it's time to make one.

Plant trees so you can't see your neighbours. Do you really need a lawn?
You could make a rainforest in your backyard.

I visited one of my favourite customers late yesterday afternoon. She was worried about one of her trees that had borers.
It was an easy fix.
A branch removed.
No worries.

Janiece lives in suburbia, but she has surrounded her house with foliage.
Nobody can see in.
It's a little oasis.
Her own piece of paradise.
She's 80, but she runs around like she's 40.

She has grown those Illawarra Flame tree seeds, we gave away last summer.
She's donating the trees to Camden Primary School. Gosh that made me feel good.
I bet it makes her feel good too.

I called into St Peter's Primary School during the week. I was checking on a tree planting I did while my boys were attending the school.

I planted a rainforest in the middle of the carpark one Sunday. It's only just now starting to reach its potential.

One of the trees I planted was in full bloom.
It's looked absolutely spectacular.

"Ivory Curl Tree" is one of my favourite native trees. It has these huge, white flowers, in late summer, that have the most amazing perfume. It smells like vanilla.

The native birds and bees love these nectar filled flowers. They drip!!!!!!!!

Ivory Curl Trees are perfectly suited for today's tiny gardens. They grow about 5 metres high and 3 metres wide. Simply under prune it, so you can sit under neath it , when it grows.

It will fill your garden with sweet fragrance.
It has beautiful glossy green leaves and coppery coloured new growth.

We have trees arriving today.
It could be grown in a big pot too.
Use Native Potting mix.

Your summer veggie garden will be coming to an end. Remove spent vegetables and prepare your garden for autumn planting.

Dig Tims Cow Manure into your soil.
Dress with Tim's FAST FOOD Fertiliser.
Mulch with Sugar cane, water well, then let it rest.

You can still grow Lettuce, Silverbeet and quick growing summer vegetables.

Broccoli, Cabbage and winter vegetable will be available next month.

Lots of caterpillars around at the moment.
These can be controlled using Yates Success. This has a naturally occurring friendly bacteria that kills caterpillars without killing you. We have it.
Come see.

It's Hayden's Birthday today.
He's 25. Such a baby!!!!

Happy gardening