Have you got spiders in the garden? - Feb 05, 2021

It's a Diamond in the dark?

Dear gardening friends

Eddie came in last week, on his motor scooter, and asked me to reserve him a standard "Acacia Limelight".
He's just turned up to take it home.

How are you going to do this mate?
"Easy, just put it here, between my legs, and take the price off, if my wife sees it, she's going to kill me".

It's safe with me mate.
I can keep a secret.
He laughs.
I love it when people laugh.

Eddie will be heading up Broughton Street on his way to Ruse.
It's a 3kms ride.

Keep an eye out for him
He can only see to the left and right.
He mightn't be able to see there either, if his wife sees this post.

We've just received a new delivery of Diamonds In The Dark Crepe Myrtles.
These amazing, summer flowering small trees, have almost black foliage. It's the perfect backdrop, for the beautiful colourful flowers.

These gorgeous trees are super fast growing. They can easily grow one metre a year. They only grow 3ms x 3ms.
They are the perfect sized tree for today's tiny gardens.

We have 6 colours available today.
Crimson Red, Blush, Red Hot, Lavender Lace, Pure White and Purely Purple.
I think Purely Purple is my favourite.
This colour, just pops, with the dark foliage.

They can be grown in big pots, and they can be pruned and shaped, and kept smaller.

They thrive in our hot dry climate.
They are amazing.

We have nice big plants up to my nipples for just $29.99. That's a bargain.
Zoom zoom.

I loved seeing the sun, shining through the spider webs, in my garden this morning.
Orb spiders spin their circular webs every night.

This space between my Waterhousia hedge, and the Agapanthus, must be a highway for the insects, that come out at night.

There's a giant hole in one of the webs. It must have been the big one, that got away.
A giant moth maybe?

Orb spiders only live for 12 months.
So much to do, in such a short life.

When you make a garden, your not just making it for your own enjoyment.

You're creating a home for the bugs, birds and native animals too.

How amazing is that!!!!
The more nature you can attract into your garden, the better your mental health will be.

We have an over supply of Grevilleas at the moment. During the pandemic they were so hard to find but I searched around Australia to find the best varieties.

We've got one called Grevillea "Loopy Lou".
This smaller growing native shrub has huge cream and orange red flowers, all year round. It only grows one metre high.
So it's the perfect size for smaller gardens.

The foliage is a lovely green colour, which is unusual for Grevilleas.

We have around 100 varieties of Grevilleas.
From tubes for $6.99, up to grafted varieties for $49.99.
Come and see our selection.
We have some rarer varieties at the moment, including Ivory Whip, Purple Haze, Orange Wow and Lollipop.
Some of these are small.

When you plant Grevilleas, you invite birds, and nature into your garden.
It's very rewarding knowing that you are providing nectar and food for birds and bees.

Last weeks rain has been amazing.
It's turned Macarthur green again almost overnight. Autumn is coming.
I can feel the air getting cooler in the morning when I walk the dog.

It's a fabulous time for planting.
Everything's going to grow.
We've had a fantastic time as gardeners.
Trees that I've guerilla planted, are thriving.

You'll have brown patches appearing in your lawns. These patches died during the heat of summer, and you don't realise this, until it rains, and the rest of your lawn turns green.

Fertilise your lawn now with our Tim's Rapid Results Lawn Fertiliser and these patches will quickly disappear.
You can buy a bag for $24.99.
Apply now, more rain is coming.

Come visit us at the nursery.
We have a new apprentice called Keiran.
He's very theatrical, lots of fun, and keen to learn. He starts TAFE on Wednesday, at Padstow School of Horticulture.
He will help you load your car when you visit.

Happy gardening