How many Donuts can you eat? - Jan 01, 2021

Rescue your roses now!

I was heading down the coast for a couple of days last week and I discovered the biggest Crepe Myrtle ever, in Berry.

I was lining up to get a Donut, from The Donut Van, when I noticed the huge tree covered in flowers in the next street.

It was my first Donut in Berry.
I got the 6 donut option.
I managed to eat 3.

They were amazing, but not as amazing as that Giant Crepe Myrtle. It shaded the entire house. Crepe Myrtles are such beautiful, drought hardy trees, that will grow any where.

I've been off work for a month.
I needed a break.
I'm back on Sunday.
See you soon.

I was walking along Argyle street on Australia Day, and I smelt the fragrance of a fresh cooked Pizza wafting across the road from Zaitoune lebanese bakery.

"Let's get the boys a Pizza", was my opening line to my wife.

We were welcomed by Nina. She had a lovely smile.

"I'll have the Sausage and the Mediterranean. Is The Mediterranean too Aussie? I've just noticed it's got pineapple on it"

Nina laughs, "No that's my favourite".

I get talking to Nina, I tell her I normally go to Yasmine bakery in Campbelltown. Nina starts laughing.

"That's my father!"

Nina and her husband Sam, work 7 days a week, 7am to 7pm. I'm drawn to people who work hard.

We walked past Shoe Talk, on the way here, and there was Eddie putting out the shoe display, on Australia Day.

We fall in love with Nina.

She bakes us something special, no charge. It's called the 'Biscoff Pizza'. My wife consumes it with gusto.

We walked back along Argyle street. It was like a ghost town. No street parade.
No old Holden's.

The fragrance from our Pizza wafts up the deserted street. Eddie might want a piece.
It smelt that good.

My Mini Phalaenopsis has burst into bloom.
You've probably bought a few of these yourself?

You've probably had trouble getting them to flower again?

I've had this one for a least 3 years.
It flowers for months.
It's never had Orchid food.
I just fertilise mine every spring with Tim's FAST FOOD Fertiliser. I only give it a sprinkle.

My Orchid gets the morning sun through this kitchen window.
It gets no sun after 10am.
I water it once a week.

I have to be careful because this pot doesn't have drainage.
It loves this spot and produces these beautiful flowers.

Have you got a Moth Orchid that's not flowering?
Try Tim's FAST FOOD.
It's only $16.99.
Zoom zoom.

We are getting beautiful rain today.
It's such a relief after this weeks heat.
If you applied Wettasoil to those dry patches in your lawn last week, you will notice how quickly they recover, and turn green with this rain.

Don't get too excited with fertiliser on outdoor plants just yet.
Best to wait until the weather cools in Autumn.

If you've got Agapanthus in your garden.
Remove the spent flowering stems now.
This will stop them spreading seeds and potentially becoming weeds.
The seeds are very easy to grow and they can become a weed if they get blown into the bush.

Agapanthus attract Green Tree Frogs into your garden. The foliage offers perfect camouflage for the green frogs from birds etc.

Your Roses will be looking terrible in this heat. They will be covered in Two Spotted Mites.

Cut them back by 25% now.
Feed them with our Tims Cow Manure, and they will reward you with fresh new growth, and heaps of flowers throughout autumn.
Spray with Yates Rose Gun to control all pests and diseases like Two spotted mites.

Make the most of the cooler weather this weekend. Plant a tree?
They will reward you with shade in the future and better mental health.

Happy gardening