More secret gardens revealed - Jan 22, 2021

Working from home, is good for the planet.

Dear gardening friends
I walked past this small block of units yesterday, and noticed a guy, hand watering all the plants.

"GDay" I said, and kept walking, but as I got round the corner, I had regrets about not stopping, and finding out more about this secret garden.

I walked past again this morning, and noticed that the ground floor unit, looks out onto this beautiful garden.

I could see a work station positioned, so the gardener can look out into his garden, while he works from home.

How beneficial has working from home been for the planet?
For peoples health too.

The garden hasn't always looked like this. I've been walking my dog past here for years.

It's recently had a make over, with the sandstone flagging and more potted plants added including a fabulous Frangipani.

I love how one person, can transform a garden, in such a short time, and make everybody's lives better.

Just imagine if you lived in the unit above, and now your kitchen over looks this.
Your mental health will be so much better.

Nature comes and lives in a garden that provides water, shade, and protection like this.

Before you know it, you're hearing different sounds in the garden. Nature sounds.
Frogs, crickets, birds and the wind blowing.
Yes you can hear the wind.

I would love to meet the gardener.
I'm sure he would have a story.

The secret to this garden is close planting. Each plant protects the other from the heat. The foliage shades the soil, so it holds more moisture.

Yes it's a jungle.
But who wouldn't like to live in a jungle.

There's so much to love about this rusty roofed house, with the big verandah, and the wild looking garden.

An old person lives, or has lived here.
You can tell by the garden, which is quickly closing in on the house.

The paths get over grown until the plants on either side, are almost touching.

But the garden still draws me in.
You can see what's been planted in the past, because many of these plants have self seeded.

They pop up seasonally, and if they get enough sunshine and rainfall, they grow.

I can see White Gaura, which has flowers that look like butterflies, when they sway in the wind.

Pink Cosmos, with the lovely lime green fine foliage and large flowering Dahlias, in the background.

Salvias and Geraniums too.
There's a Poinsettia that must have been planted in the garden, after Christmas, a long time ago.
It's thriving.

I can see the frond of a Date Palm.
These often pop up in gardens that have been left to nature.
Eventually it will grow into an enormous palm with the huge trunk.

A lot of nature will have been drawn to this garden. It would be full of Lizards, birds and butterflies.
There might be a snake too.

One day this house will get revitalised.
I hope it doesn't become a block of units.
Nature needs somewhere to live, in suburbia.

Frangipani are blooming around Macarthur.
The best flowering trees are nearly always growing in a north or western facing gardens.

They grow best up against a brick wall because this heats up in winter and helps your Frangipani survive the winter cold.

But right now Frangipanis are enjoying the hot weather. They are in full bloom.
You can smell the beautiful perfume wafting in the breeze.

It's time to plant them.
We still have around 30 varieties.
They only cost $19.99.
They can be grown in big pots too, if you're renting. My parents had one in a pot for 20 years.

Use our Tim's Best Potting Mix if you're growing one in a pot. It's got everything your plant will need to grow fast.
Put your pot in a warm sunny spot.

I've got an over supply of Eggplants from my garden, so I'm inventing new ways to make them disappear.
Last night I cooked Spaghetti.
No that's not new, but it tasted so delicious I'm sharing my recipe with you.
By the way, there's no recipe.

I chopped up
2x eggplants.
1x Onion
1x Celery stick
1x Carrot
2x Anchovies. Yes these are the secret ingredient.
10x Capers
10x Olives
3x Cloves of Garlic
1x Chilli home grown

Fry this down then add a cup of red wine. Drink a cup yourself too.

Add 750 grams of Pork Mince.
Stir this continually until it breaks up and turns brown.

Add 1x can off Tomatoes.
1x bottle of Passata.

Tip some liquid from the olive jar into the mix and grind lots of pepper until your arm gets sore.
Stir again and let simmer for 45 minutes plus until it gets that amazing glazed look.

Serve with Pasta, that's still chewy.

What my critics said.
My sons.
Bailey. "Dad that was amazing, you're a master chef"

Dan. "The pasta was too chewy".

There was no mention of Eggplant.

Happy gardening