Fast Christmas shopping ideas here!! - Dec 18, 2020

We've got the most beautiful gifts!!!!

Dear gardening friends
You've only got 6 days left to buy Christmas presents, but there's no need to panic.
We have the most beautiful plants and the most beautiful pots.
It's easy shopping here.

Hayden has created some beautiful potted Succulent gardens, that sell for just $49.99.
Of course you can buy the plants here yourself, and make up your own potted gardens too.
It's easy.

We have fabulous ceramic pots, that will make our indoor plants pop.
Lots of neutral colours that will go with most decors.
Of course we have bright coloured pots too.

If you choose a small plant, and small ceramic pot to match, we will repot it for you, for free, using Tims Best Potting Mix.
Check out the fabulous pots and plants above.

Mike Collingham called in last week with a load of ceramic pots.
Mike makes these pots, with his wife Kim, at their Pottery business in Bermagui, on the South Coast.

Mikes been a professional potter since 1975, but he actually made his first pot at school, when he was 14.

Mike grew up in Fontana in California, but he moved to Australia in 1985 with Kim.
He discovered Bermagui by accident, and fell in love with the place.

I asked him why he left America?
"To escape LA".
Why did you move to Bermagui?
"It's out of the way.
I'm out of the way.
The fishing's good too".

Yes I already knew that Mike loves fishing. He actually looks like a surfer to me, he's very tall, almost lanky.

He's often got me interested in his pots, by asking about my latest fishing trip.
He is quietly spoken, but he is always ready to laugh.

He makes beautiful self watering pots that are especially good for growing African Violets. These plants don't like getting water on their leaves.

Mike made a pot with a larger saucer so you fill this up with water and the Potting mix absorbs the water via capillary.

Leave the water to sit in the saucer for an hour or so then tip the excess out. These pots can be used to grow all your indoor plants.

You'd expect them to be expensive but we have pots from $15.99.
It's nice to support Mike and his family.

If you're ever in Bermagui look him up.
It's called Bermagui Mud Works Pottery.
You can actually do a course and become a Harry Potter.
You just might have a "Ghost Moment".
But not with Mike.
He's married.

Mike made us all coffee cups for Christmas.
They are beautiful.
Thanks Mike.

A big thanks to all our customers who bought one of Arthur's Famous, "Big Greek Tomato" seedlings.

You helped us raise $860.00 for The African AIDS Foundation in Camden.

Dr John Schwartz came in to pick up the cheque, and I whizzed him up to get his photo taken with Arthur, from Kings Charcoal Chicken Shop.

Arthur is such a vivacious character, he started grabbing people off the street, to get in the photo.

We've been growing Arthur's family tomato here at the nursery, for about 10 years, and we must have raised over $5,000.
Who would have thought one tomato could raise so much money for AAF.

The foundation uses the money in South Africa, to give people suffering from AIDS, better health outcomes.

We have an amazing selection of Mango trees in the nursery.

We sell almost more Mango trees than Lemon trees, these days in Campbelltown.

Our customers come from all over the world. They love tropical fruit like Guavas, Mangoes and Lychees.
We have all these tropical fruit trees in stock this weekend.

We have seedling grown Mangoes from $49.99. Grafted trees, a little bit more.

Plant your tree on a mound of Planting Compost Improved soil to get the roots out of the clay.

Mulch around the base with Tim's Termite Resistant Woodchip.

Please don't fertilise them, when planting.
That's how you kill them.

Water twice a week with a bucket of water. You might get flowers this time next year.
If you get too many Mangoes don't forget us.

This is our last newsletter for the year.
We are closed Christmas Day and Boxing Day. We will reopen on Sunday.

A big thanks to all my staff who have worked so hard this year and still kept smiling. We have never experienced anything like this.

Thank you too, for supporting us.
Thanks for being customers and friends.
We enjoy helping you become better gardeners.
Happy gardening