Pretty pots for Christmas - Dec 11, 2020

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Dear gardening friends

Our supplier ran out of Cut Christmas trees, before we even got started this year.
I'm sorry if you've been buying trees off us for years.

Previous years of drought, and then COVID caused our supplier to run out.
Hopefully next year, they will be back in business.

We've had a range of beautiful pots arrive this week. We know that everyone's fallen in love with indoor plants but they even look better when you pot them into pretty pots.

Hayden has found us Cat planters, with whiskers. They look amazing.
And they are so cheap, with prices starting at just $5.99. They will look amazing on your work desk. Pop a plant in one, and you've got the perfect Christmas present, in seconds.

He's found us Hedge hog planters for just $9.99 too. These are beautifully glazed in a colour that goes with everything.

We also have beautiful hand made Pottery pots from Bermagui Mudworks.
These are my favourite pots, because they are bigger, so they allow your indoor plants to thrive. They have attached saucers, to protect your furniture.
They come in amazing colours.
They are made in Australia by Mike.
We love Mike.

I was just driving through Elderslie, when I noticed this bright orange blob in River Rd.
I just had to investigate.

Two grafted Gums have been planted as street trees, out the front of an old house, that has been beautifully landscaped.

The grafted Eucalyptus have been pruned to create a floral tunnel. A couple had just walked thru it, on their way to the river.

There's so much to love about these dwarf growing gums. They flower like this every summer, leading up to Christmas.

Surely these are Australia's real Christmas trees. The flowers are spectacular, the native birds and the bees love them, and when the flowers finally finish, you are left with Christmas nuts, that look like bells!

If you want your house to stand out from the rest plant one or two of these.

They come in other colours too. There were red and pink varieties flowering nearby.
But I've got to say, the orange is my favourite.

River Rd in Elderslie is like the golden triangle for plants. The sandy soil here allow easy access, for plant roots, to find ground water.

The trees here grow to enormous sizes. There's a Lillypilly in this street that's absolutely huge.

But just two streets away the soil changes, and gardeners struggle to grow anything.
It's incredible.

We have Grafted Gums in the nursery today.
If you're going to buy one, plant it straight away.

They have a better chance of survival in the ground. Dig a bag of Native Potting Mix into the ground to create a mound.
Plant your tree in this.
Mulch around the base with Termite Resistant Mulch.

Water daily for a least 6 weeks.
Twice a week after that will keep it alive.
If you don't water them, the leaves turn brown, drop off and then the tree dies.

If you live in River Rd you won't have any trouble growing one.

I'm wondering if the people grow bigger in this street too.
I did see a giant coming out of a house, mumbling fee-fi-fo-fum. I knew then, that it was time to leave.

I've just Wettasoiled, these native trees, that got planted in Queen Street Campbelltown.

I've been watching the leaves starting to shrivel up. It's been so hot and windy.

I'm a tree lover, and I don't mind stopping to give these trees some water.
Campbelltown and Macarthur needs more trees. If the root ball dries out, it's very hard to get it wet again.

Potting mixes are made from Pine bark and Woodchip, with added sand, for drainage.

These wood based mixes become hydrophobic, if they aren't kept moist.
Plants survive in nurseries in these mixes, because a watering system comes on every night, to re wet them.

I've applied Wettasoil.
15mls in a 9 litre watering can, is enough to treat 4m2.
That's 4 trees.

When it rains, in the next couple of days, this soil will now absorb the rain. It will soak down deep, and make that dry root ball wet again.

The Wettasoil will last up to 6 months.
No, it doesn't replace water.
It makes water soak in, instead of just running off the surface,

If you work near these trees, help save them by tipping your drink bottle at the base of the tree.
Let it run down the trunk.

These are native trees.
A lot of gardeners think you don't have to water natives.

They grow in the wild don't they?
Yes they do, but thousands die, for every one that grows. And they only grow during perfect growing conditions.

These native Water Laurels, come from parts of Australia, where it rains often.
They will grow here, but they need our help to get started.
Let's help them.

Come and see us if you're looking for fast Christmas shopping. You can park out the front of our shop.
We will help you find the perfect floral gift.
We have a free gift wrapping service.

We still have $50 Tims Garden Centre Gift Cards for just $40.00. These are amazing value. Zoom zoom.

Happy gardening