$50.00 Christmas Gift Cards for $40.00 - Nov 20, 2020

Give indoor plants for Christmas!!!!!

Dear gardening friends
It's that time of year when everyone starts to think about Christmas shopping.
It can get frustrating and confusing, buying gifts for people, so we've released our $50.00 Tim's Christmas Gift Card, for just $40.00.

There's no limit on how many you buy.
Why don't you buy some for yourself?
Make your Christmas, the best one ever.

We've had lots of calls about Fresh Cut Christmas Trees. Yes they are coming.
They will be available from Saturday the 5th of December. This year there are no big trees, due to previous drought conditions.
But they will be nice bushy trees around 1.8 metres high.

Come early for the best trees.
Trees cost $65.00. Stands are available too.
We love making your house smell like Christmas.

If you're looking for Christmas Gifts, don't forget we have an amazing selection of ceramic pots. We also have the best selection of indoor plants.
New varieties are coming all the time.

If you choose a small indoor plant, and a ceramic pot, will will do the repotting for you, for free, using Tims Best Potting Mix.

Tree Waratahs are bursting into bloom around Macarthur. There's some beauties in Mt Annan Botanic Gardens.
But there's also one growing in Macarthur Park in Camden.

Tree Waratahs are not NSW Waratahs.
Tree Waratahs come from North Queensland.
They are rainforest trees.
They grow huge up there, but here in Macarthur, the cooler winter keeps them smaller.

They are a fast growing upright shade tree to about 6-8 metres by 4 metres wide.

They get covered in these huge, orange red, Waratah like flowers leading up to Christmas.

The spectacular flowers, are full of nectar, so they attract nectar feeding parrots into your garden.

If your soil is heavy clay, then you will need to plant your tree on a raised mound of Native Potting Mix improved soil.
Mulch around the base to keep the weeds away and to keep the soil moist.

Tree Waratahs are hard to find in nurseries. Most nurseries won't know what you're talking about. They will show you a NSW Waratah instead.

Alloxylon flammeum is worth finding.
We've got around 20.
They are beautiful evergreen trees.
I've fallen in love with them.
Plants cost $39.99.

Fiddle Leaf Figs are one of the hardiest indoor plants in the planet.
They have huge glossy leafed leaves that would be the perfect cover if you are planning on visiting a nudist camp this summer.

I've found a grower in Coffs Harbour who grows amazing Fiddle leaf figs.
We got 60 delivered this week.
Plants start at just $14.99 and go up to $69.99.

Fiddle Leaf Figs are one of the best indoor plants that you can grow. The huge leaves suck dangerous toxins out of the air and make your house safer.

I've got them growing up to 3 metres high in my house. I prune them when they get too big and grow more plants from cuttings.
It's easy. Simply put them in a vase with water until they grow roots.

Mawson Park is an oasis in a big city.
I parked my car under a shady Kurrajong tree and walked through the park this week.

My friend Robert Biffin looks after the park. He does an amazing job.
Everything is clipped and shaped.

I followed the path that meandered under the giant Tallow wood gums.
These are like dinosaurs.

The Bella Donna Brachychiton is in full bloom. These bell like flowers have arrived just in time for Christmas.

I exited the park out onto Queen Street. Here the Cape Chestnut tree is in full bloom. When you get up close to these, spidery flowers, you can only be amazed.

Heading west now I can see the neatly clipped Plum Gorgeous hedge that contrasts beautifully with the golden Duranta.
Life's good.
Mawson Park is worth a visit.

There's still time to have your garden looking spectacular for Christmas.
Come and see us.
We have the best plants and the best potting mix.

Happy gardening