NSW Christmas Bush has arrived! - Nov 13, 2020

Plant Christmas Colour in pots!

Dear gardening friends

Christmas can't be far away.
Our NSW Christmas Bush have arrived. They are looking fabulous.
Most of these will be given away, as floral gifts, by our customers.

They are such good value, compared to cut flowers, and nothing says Merry Christmas, like NSW Christmas bush.

If you're going to grow one in your garden, improve your soil, by digging in a bag of Native Potting Mix. This will give your plant a much better chance of survival.

They can be grown in a big pot too.
You'll need a pot that holds at least 60litres of Native Potting Mix.
Don't use Tims Best.
It's too rich for natives.

We stock this variety called Albery's Red.
It stays more compact, flowers early, and has these deep red bracts.

If you grow one in your garden, you'll be able to give, bunches of flowers away to friends, every Christmas.

They can be pruned to any size, but they can grow 3 metres x 2 metres.
We only have 50 plants.
Don't leave your purchase to the last minute. We sell out every year.
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Jacarandas are blooming around Macarthur. These fast growing trees originally came from Brazil.
But they proved so popular, because of the beautiful indigo flowers, and fern like foliage, they quickly spread around the world.

My son Dan fell in love with Jacarandas when he was in primary school.
He would often come home with pockets filled with seed pods, sticks and stones.

When he was in year 2 he started collecting Jacaranda seedlings that he found popping up in gardens. He'd put them in a plastic bag, to keep the roots moist, then pot them up, when he got home.

Eventually he had almost 100 plants, so we decided to adopt them out, for just $5.00, to gardeners looking for a beautiful shade tree.

Recently Dan has discovered, that they are much better trees, if he grows them from seed, in our nursery. They grow faster, have straighter trunks and have a better root system, to ensure they survive better in your garden.

Each year he grows around 300.
They are still $5.00.
He's adopted out over 2,000 trees.
Macarthur will be turning Indigo Blue, every November, thanks to Dan's work, in years to come.

This year he sold his November stock in autumn, when gardeners were in lockdown.
So he planted more seeds in winter, and grew them under a plastic cover to protect them from the cold.

They have grown so quickly since spring.
They are beautiful, fresh plants, just waiting, to take off, at your place.
Get some for your kids, so they can take them to school. Plant some in your local park.

They make great street trees.
They will keep your car cooler over summer.
They grow super fast.
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Have you been to Uluru?
If you go, you'll see these amazing wild flowers called Mulla Mulla.

Ptilotus exaltatus "Joey" is the pink flowering form, that we have here in the nursery.

It grows best in the sun in well drained soils. It can be grown in a pot too, using Native Potting Mix.

They are gorgeous.
They would make a great floral gifts for friends.
Plants cost $16.99.
They look amazing.
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The quickest way to transform your garden for Christmas is to use pots.
Fill them with flowers like Petunias, and they will give you Christmas colour all summer long.

Our nursery is full of Christmas Colour.
We've got beautiful red Geraniums covered in flowers. We've got Hydrangeas, Diplandenias, NSW Christmas Bush, Frangipani, Calibrachoa and Princess Lillies to name but a few.
Get cracking this weekend.

Make sure you use Tims Best Potting Mix to get the best results.
We planted up our hanging baskets, out the front of the shop, last week.
We used a new Calibrachoa called "Paintball Pink". They have more than doubled in size in 7 days.
Check out the before and after photo above.
Even we are surprised just how fast they have grown.

More growth means more flowers.
It just makes sense to use the best potting mix. It's still only $10.00 a bag.
But not for much longer.

Happy gardening