We’ve got beautiful flowers for you! - Oct 16, 2020

It has amazing fragrance!

Dear gardening friends

Rain is coming. We need it.
Your lawn was starting to get dry patches, which causes your grass to go yellow.
Your garden gets dry patches too.
That's why plants keep dying, in the same spot in your garden.

If we get 25mm nature will probably fix this.
If we don't, use Wettasoil on your lawn and garden. Use it on your pot plants too.

Wettasoil removes the oily barrier and allows your dry soil to accept water again.
We use it.
We sell it.
Come get it.

Julie Hough has lived in this house since she was two. I was driving past her house last week, and spotted her Brunfelsia.

Commonly known as "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow bush", it has perfumed flowers, that fade from mauve to lilac, and then white.
It gives the effect of a multi coloured shrub.

This colour worked beautifully with Julies retro coloured house.
That's what made me stop.

Julie says her mum planted the shrub.
It's in the perfect spot.
Morning sun and then shade.
I have seen it growing in full sun too.
We have nice plants, in the nursery, for just $18.99. They are in flower.

It turned out that Julies father, used to make me, metal windmills for the nursery, 20 years ago.

Julies little dog was so keen to meet me. It's a licker, not a biter.

Julie knew that Brunfelsia is poisonous to dogs, if they eat the flowers. If you've got dogs, grow this shrub in the front yard.

She was keen to show me her vegetable garden. She's growing lettuce, herbs and carrots in a raised planter.
She's having success.

She had a huge back yard.
I was expecting to find a Lemon tree.
She had enough room for an orchard.
These older houses, have enormous gardens.

Spotted this Pelargonium growing in a brick walled garden. It was thriving, despite growing in such a difficult, hot dry environment.

We have potted Pelargoniums in the nursery today. It's been years since we've had these hardy plants.

Grow them in pots or gardens in sunny spots. They flower throughout the warmer months.

If they ever look untidy, cut them back, and feed with our Tims Cow Manure.
We have a variety of colours.

They are easily grown from cuttings, once you have one. You'll soon have 101.

Granny plants are coming back into fashion. Hydrangeas, Geraniums, Daisies and Fuchsias.
We have them all.
Bring your shopping trolley!!!!!!!
Zoom zoom.

This Chinese Star Jasmine, was looking amazing, at the entrance to a fancy house in Manly.

This evergreen, fast growing vine, has the most beautiful, highly perfumed, star shaped white flowers.
I also love the shiny green leaves.

This fast growing vine will grow in sun or shade. You can use it to cover fences or walls, simply by running wire, from point to point, so it has something to cling too.
I was drawn to this entrance.
I wanted to see what was through this gate.

We have Chinese Star Jasmine in the nursery now for just $16.99.
They are beautiful plants covered in perfumed white flowers.

They can also be used as a ground cover.
They can spread several metres.
They grow fast.
I love them!

We have found a new grower in South Australia. They grow the most beautiful plants. Geraniums, Pelargoniums, Fuchsias, Ivy Geraniums and Peruvian Lillies.

Alstroemerias or Peruvian Lillies, are potted plants, that flower all spring, summer and autumn. They are amazing.

They can be grown in big pots, or gardens, in sunny spots, and they are easy to grow.
We have several colours including the one in the photo above.

Alstroemerias are tubers and originally, they died down, below the ground, in winter.
But plant breeders, have grown new, evergreen varieties, that are so much better.
We've got these varieties.
Plants cost $19.99.
They are huge.
Flowering now!!!!

This new grower grows their plants in 150mm pots instead of 140mm pots like everyone else.

Does it make a difference?
It's incredible.
Bigger pot, means more potting mix, which means more water, which equates to bigger plants. Bigger pots means bigger plants.
Come see, it's incredible.

I'm always telling gardeners, to pot plants into bigger pots the day you buy them.
Every day I talk to people who have no intention of potting plants up.

They honestly think their new plants are going to keep on growing in the same size pot they bought it in.

It's crazy.
It's stupid.
Plants get to a point when they have reached their potential. That's when nurseries sell them.

If you don't pot them on, the plant gets pot bound, the plant loses vigour, and it's health deteriorates over time.

That's when insects start to attack your plants. Unhappy plants, become sick plants, very quickly.

I've had customers all week who's plants are being attacked by Two spotted mites and Mealy bugs.

When you pot plants on, into bigger pots, your plants keep growing. They stay healthier, they are less likely to get attacked by pests and diseases.
It's simple.

But use cheap crappy potting mix, and you're wasting your time and money.
Use Tims Best Potting Mix, for best results.
It's simple.

Our nursery really is looking amazing right now. More flowering plants than ever before. More colour.
You are going to love us.
Bring a friend.
Zoom zoom.

Happy gardening