Get $5.00 off all Rose Bushes - Oct 09, 2020

New Hydrangea has arrived!!!!

Dear Gardening friends.

The Macarthur Rose is just so amazing.
It has more petals than almost every Rose on the planet.
We call it petalicious!!!!!
It almost has eyes and a face.
Can you see it?

It has one of the longest vase life's, so you can pick it, and bring inside. It has a mild perfume.

The flowers are enormous.
My hands are huge.
Look how big this flower is!!!!

We have beautiful potted plants coming into flower now and we are taking $5.00 off the marked price.

You'll get one for just $29.99 this weekend. Our Rose Bushes are flying out the door.
Some are only $25.00 this weekend.
Zoom zoom.

Khaled's was making me coffee during the week. He asked me if it's time to spray Bindi?

No mate I responded. I told you it was time to spray Bindii two months ago.
It's sticking in your feet now isn't it?
That's why you're thinking about spraying it?
He laughed.

If this is your story too.
You're wasting your time spraying now.
Bindii has already seeded.

Now you need to fertilise your lawn with Tims Rapid Results Lawn Food, so your grass grows over the top of the seeds.
More rain has been forecast.
Get moving.
$24.99 a bag.
It's a cheap solution.

The most exciting new Hydrangea has turned up. Hydrangea "Miss Saori" won the 'Plant of the year' at the 2014 Chelsea Flower Show.

The large flowers, are double, with a dark pink margin. The foliage is burgundy coloured and beautiful.
It looks spectacular!!!!!!!

Hydrangeas grow on the eastern side of your house, where they get morning sun, and then shade.
They hate afternoon sun.

They can also be grown in big big pots, using Tims Best Potting Mix.
But you will have to be a good gardener, who remembers to water, or they won't look like this.

Improve your garden soil with IGC Planting Compost before planting.
Hydrangeas love water and compost makes your soil hold more water.
Mulch around them with Sugar Cane.

We have the best selection of Hydrangeas in Macarthur. They are only $29.99.
We've got Blue, Pink, White and Red flowering varieties.

All our plants are in bud, and they will be in full bloom in a few weeks.
They will be sold out before they get to flower. Don't delay your purchase.
Plants are in short supply.

We have so many exciting new plants for you.

"Good Night Kiss" is a new release ground cover plant, that's perfect for pots, hanging baskets and gardens.

It's a low growing plant that doesn't stop flowering for 9 months.

"Good Night Kiss" has these beautiful bi coloured burgundy flowers with a yellow star in the centre.
It's a winner.
Plants cost $16.99.

If you've got an empty pot, plant one of these using Tims Best Potting Mix.
It will spill over the sides and flower non stop till next winter.

If it ever looks tired, prune back and feed with Tims FAST FOOD.
Life is better, with more colour in your life!

We have discovered a new grower from South Australia. They grow seriously good plants that you will love.
Come see.

Happy gardening