Get $5.00 off roses today!!!!! - Sep 25, 2020

Plant The Queen in your garden?

Dear gardening friends
I hope you're enjoying your garden.
We've never had a spring like this.

I'm planting up my vegetable garden today.
I'm so excited it's crazy.
Digging in the soil, and planting seedlings, is so satisfying, you can watch them grow.

We have all your favourite vegetable seedlings and flowers, in the nursery today.
We've also got the biggest herb selection in Macarthur. Grow them in pots using our Tim's Best Potting Mix and you can't help but have success.

Our potted Rose Bushes are flowering early this spring. They are covered in buds and flowers now. We are taking $5.00 off the marked price, on every Rose bush, starting today.

These are premium Rose Bushes.
We have never grown better plants.
They are huge!!!!!!!

Bring your nose, and sniff test, the most fragrant varieties, for your garden.
It's the best time to choose roses because you can see the flowers, and you can see which plants have the best disease resistance.

We've been spraying our roses every week with Eco Oil mixed with Harvest.
The Eco oil gets rid of Aphids and Thrips, and Harvest, is an organic fertiliser, that contains earth friendly bacteria, that just makes the roses more disease resistant.
They are just so healthy.
Come see.

Remember, the best varieties always sell out first, and once they're gone, they are gone until next winter.
Zoom zoom.

Gail Brooks made me laugh during the week.

I stopped to take a photo of her spectacular Wisteria in Narellan.

How long have you had it?
"19 years", she replied in a flash.
How could you possibly remember that?
I laughed.
"My girlfriend gave it to me when I turned 40."
Is she still your girlfriend?
"Yes" she replied.

"I had it in a pot for a about 4 years then I planted it in the garden"

Does it always look this amazing, or is it a good year?
"It always looks like this.
My head gardener, prunes it back every winter. He cuts off all the tendrils. I don't want it attaching to the house"

I meet The Head Gardener.
Doug comes out of the house, to see what all the fuss is about.

It's like he's just woken up, but he instantly starts to smile.
I like him.

It turns out Gail and Doug are really Cactus and Succulent lovers.
They have them everywhere in pots and in the garden.

I confess my love for one of Gails plants and next minute she is offering me a cutting.
Gardeners are generous souls.
Most plants have traveled the world, to be given away.

She shows me out the back.
She's got a "collectors dream" Cactus in a big pot. It would be worth a fortune.

I offer to bring them a plant, to add to their collection. A Crassula ovata, dark pink flowering form, which I've only recently acquired.
We leave as friends.

We've had gardeners ringing us from all over Sydney looking for Wisterias.
They are in such short supply it's ridiculous.
We've got 30 plants only.
Plants cost $34.99.
Zoom zoom.

Arthur's Big Greek Tomato seedlings are available now. They are small.
This heirloom variety comes from Arthur's Family Farm, in Petri Greece.
The fruit are enormous!!!
They can weigh up to 1kg.

The fruit have less seeds than other tomato varieties, so they are especially good for sauce.

Each year, we grow this tomato, to raise money for AAF in Camden.
Every year you guys support us.

Tomato seedlings cost $5.00.
We grow them here from seed.
Supply is very limited.
It's exclusive to Tim's Garden Centre.

Arthur's family own Kings Charcoal Chicken Shop in Queen Street Campbelltown.
Arthur generously gave us a Tomato, several years ago, and we've been growing our own ever since.

If you've got Greek friends please tell them about this tomato.
If you think you're Greek, or you've got a moustache, you might like to grow it too.

We have all your favourite Tomato varieties in stock today. Our seedlings are superior quality. You can tell the difference.
They are grown with love.

Lavenders are flowering in gardens around Macarthur. Every year nurseries bring out new varieties to temp spring gardeners.

This year we've got an exciting new release called "The Queen Lavender".
The flowers are enormous!!
God save the Queen.

Plant one in your garden, or grow it in a big pot. Lavenders like full sun.
The Queen grows about 60cms high by 60cms wide and it flowers like this in spring and autumn.

Cut Lavender plants back by 25% after the flowering flush to encourage more new growth, and even more flowers.

Fertilise with Tim's FAST FOOD for even better results. Tim's FAST FOOD is just $16.99 and it's safe to use on your indoor plants, Citrus, Azaleas, Camellias, Blueberries, Gardenias, Cactus, Succulents, Flowers and Vegetables.
It's amazing!!!!!

Have you fertilised your lawn yet?
If you fertilise your lawn now, while it's actively growing, it will grow thick and lush, leaving less room for weeds.
It just makes sense.

Tim's Rapid Results Lawn Food costs just $24.99 a bag. It covers 260m2.
Throw it on, and watch your lawn transform in just 14 days. Mow weekly to make your grass spread. Those bare patches will quickly disappear.

What's new this week?
Rhododendrons. We've got them from a nursery in Batlow. Yes they escaped the fires. They have beautiful plants covered in buds, and about to pop.

Grow them in pots using Tim's Best Potting mix, where they get morning sun.

Weeping Maples have arrived from The Southern Highlands. These gorgeous weeping plants, with fine foliage, look spectacular in pots or gardens, that get morning sun.

They are grafted plants, that don't grow very big, so they are perfect for smaller gardens. These sell out fast.
Come see.

We are amazed how many people ask us "Where are your indoor plants?"
It's hard not to smile, but our indoor plants are kept indoors. Yes in the shop.

Indoor plants need bright light, so don't close up the curtains when you go to work.
Talk to us about which varieties are the toughest, if you're a newbie.

It's a great time to garden.
Come and see us.
There's plenty of parking next door, if we look busy.
Yes we are busy.

Happy gardening