Time to fertilise your lawn - Sep 11, 2020

Get a green lawn in 14 days!

Dear gardening friends.
After this weeks rain, it's the perfect time to fertilise your lawn. Fertiliser works best, when grass is actively growing.

Tim's Rapid Results Lawn Food, will turn your lawn, bright green, in just 14 days.
You'll have the greenest lawn in the street!!!!

Tim's Rapid Results is safe to use on all types of grass, including soft leaf Buffalo.

It's turbo charged, so you get results fast.
It contains 21% Nitrogen.
It can't burn your grass.
It contains a Wetting Agent.
It's easy to apply.
It treats 260m2.
It costs $24.99.

You can throw it out by hand, or use a Scott's fertiliser spreader. The fertiliser doesn't release until it gets wet.
It will keep your lawn green for 3 months.
Mow your lawn before application.

Jordan fertilised our lawn this week, while it was raining, and it's already turning bright green.
Come see.

Margaret Appleby turned up with morning tea for my staff yesterday.
Margaret was CEO of Lifeline Macarthur, for 24 years. But she helped them for 40 years. She's still helping people.

Every year she comes in to remind me that it's RU-OK DAY.
I already had the sign out yesterday.
It's a reminder for everyone to touch base with friends.

Margaret is an expert on suicide.
She has written books.
She has helped people all her life.
Margaret's retired now.

She has 450 Rose bushes in her garden. Last year she gave away over 700 bunches of roses, to her friends, and people who are healing.

Her favourite rose is Mr Lincoln.
We had a cup of tea and a chat.
Margaret raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Lifeline.

People volunteered to work for them, because of Margaret's kindness.
We've had a Lifeline bin in our carpark for 20 years because of her.

She left us little RU-OK cakes.
She shuffled off.
Thank you Margaret.
She will get a surprise today when she reads this. She's a big supporter of our newsletter and Pig.
Her cakes were delicious.

The best tasting tomato in the world, has just arrived at Tim's Garden Centre.

Tim's Italian Tomato, has huge, pear shaped tomatoes, that are grown for taste.
This heirloom variety, was discovered by me, while holidaying in Italy.

The fruit is soft when ripe, and it tastes so sweet, you won't believe it.
You'll think you're in Italy!

But be warned, once you eat this tomato,
You'll want to buy a tiny car.
You'll start speaking with your hands.
You'll love kids.
There's no such thing as too many.

You'll fall in love with football.
If someone comes near you, you'll fall over, roll on the ground, holding your leg.
Then miraculously you'll get up, and take the free kick.

You'll park your car anywhere you like.
I mean anywhere.
And you'll have to eat, eat, eat.

Limited supply on this amazing Tomato.
Pick fruit when it turns yellowy green, and ripen inside to avoid fruit fly.

Eat at room temperature.
Cut up, then drizzle with olive oil.
Add lots of salt.
Leave to rest before eating.
Crusty bread optional.

Grow in the ground, or in a big pot, using Tim's Best Potting Mix.
Water daily.

If you've got Gardenias growing in your garden, the older leaves will start to turn yellow soon, and your plants will look sick.
To solve this problem, fertilise your Gardenias with Tim's FAST FOOD.

This amazing fast release, granular fertiliser, has all the trace elements, that plants need, to keep the leaves green and healthy.

It's suitable for all plants, except natives.
It's only $16.99.
Zoom zoom.

We have all your spring, flower and vegetable seedlings, in our nursery now.
It's the right time to plant.

If you didn't have success last year don't give up. We had a drought last year, so even good gardeners struggled to have success.

Growing conditions are perfect this spring, so your plants are going to grow.
Plant with confidence.
Come and see us for free advice.
Happy gardening