I can talk to plants - Jul 03, 2020

You won't find plants like this annnnnnnywheeeeere

Dear gardening friends.
We've had beautiful weather this week.
It's been so lovely working outside in the sunshine in 20 plus degrees.
In some countries, this would be summer.

Our nursery is full of flowering plants. There's no reason why you have to stop gardening in winter.

It's time to plant deciduous fruit trees.
We have Cherries, Plums, Apples, Peaches,Nectarines, Pomegranates and Berries too. Plant them now, while they are sleeping, and they will sprout new growth in spring.

Our new season Rose Bushes are starting to grow. They are sprouting new growth.
We've got the best selection in Macarthur.
We know you love perfumed varieties, so here is the list of roses, that have the best perfume.
Avon, Camp David, Fathers Love, Fragrant Charm, Mister Lincoln, Oklahoma, Papa Meilland, Sir Donald Bradman.
Addictive Lure, Best Friend, Bewitched, First Crush, Fruity Parfuma, Heaven Scent, Kiss me Kate, Mother's Love, Perfume Passion, Perfume Perfection, The Children's Rose.
Friesia, Spirit of Peace, Just Joey, Madame Anisette
Pope John Paul
Adorable, Blue Moon, Fragrant Plum,
Double Delight, Fionas Wish.

If you love fragrant roses choose a few of these beauties. But hurry, our roses are selling fast!!!!!!
Most roses cost $29.99.
New releases cost $34.99.
Standard Roses from $45.00.
You'll get 5% off with your Tims Garden Club Discount. If you're a Senior, we take 10% off.

Have you seen Hayden's Succulent Garden at the front of our nursery?
His potted Succulent garden always looks amazing, but we've noticed in winter, the plants change colour, and look even more spectacular. Check it out.

When Hayden potted this up last year, he used Tims Best Potting Mix. The plants have responded so quickly growing in this premium potting mix.

Succulents are so easy to grow, even non gardeners can have success. Use Tims Best Potting Mix for great results.
It's still just $10.00 a bag.
We are not sure for how much longer.
Our supplier is running out of raw materials due to the huge demand world wide.
Yes everyone's gone Garden Crazy during lockdown.

"Peter The Greek" delivered us succulents twice this week.
We were only just coming up for air, and I heard "Timmmmmmmy, look what I've brought you, you can't find plants like this, anyyyyyyyywwwwwwwhere".
Peter had brought us plants from his personal collection.
They are collector plants.
Advanced plants that he's had for years. Some look like bonsai. He's still talking.
He's telling me how beauuuuuuuutiful they are.
We love Peter.
He just has so much energy.
We need "Peter Pills."

His plant collection is on sale today.
They aren't cheap. Some of these plants are at least 10 years old. Come see.

I found this truck tyre dumped on the side of the road near Cawdor Primary School last week. I showed it to Achille and gave him the challenge
"Turn this rubbish into tyre art mate".
He smiled and said "I think I can do that".
Let's see what he comes up with.
If it's amazing, we might raffle it for a charity?
Work your magic Achille.

P.S Achille's Roosters, have been a huge success. My fav is the black and white spotted one. We have them hanging up in the shade house if you're interested.

I responded to a Gumtree ad during the week.

A guy named Hami was selling Euphorbias from his backyard in Hurstville. I collect these free flowering Cactus/succulents.

I rang the number and an elderly, foreign sounding lady answered the call. She complained about the crackling line, before telling me that her husband was out in the garden. "Just come she said".

When I arrived at 127 Dora Street in Hurstville, I realised I'd discovered something special.

I collection of Collector Plants in pots, were beautifully arranged at the entrance.

I knocked on the door, to be told "he's around the back, follow the path, the gates open".

As I turned the corner I was met with a tropical paradise. At the end of the path I found a smiling guy called Hami.

He invited me into his oasis.
Hami came to Australia via Sweden.
He and his family had fled the war in Bosnia.

His brothers and sisters had gone to Germany, Sweden and America.
Hami and his wife, lived in Sweden for 5 years, then they followed their daughter to Australia.

He rents this house.
He's been here for 13 years.
He moved 7 times before he found this house.

He has turned the garden into a nursery.
It began as Hami's private plant collection, but it just kept growing.

He tells me he's got 800 potted plants now.
He buys almost dead plants from Bunnings, he rescues them when they have been heavily discounted, or chucked out.
He grows them from seeds and cuttings too.

He makes his own potting mixes.
Not all plants are for sale.
He tells me "he keeps 10% to enter in competitions and plant shows.
5% are for his heart".

I found out later, that more like 40% are for his heart. These are special plants,
they keep his heart ticking.
They are not for sale.

He tells me he has a problem with his back now.
He's 77.
He tells me that "morning sun is better than afternoon sun, for plants in Australia.
Plants are like people, when they wake up with sun in their eyes, it makes them feel good".

When he prunes his plants, he seals the wounds with red wax. He collects this from Children's cheese.

He talks passionately about plants,
he loves them.
"I can talk plants, he tells me, they all have different languages"
He sure can.

Hami's plants aren't cheap. He knows their value. I negotiated to buy 2, and spent $100.

If you want an amazing human experience, visit Hami's backyard.
He's not open every day.
Only when Hami's home.
I never met his wife.
It was like speaking to Tim The Tool Mans neighbour, through the fence.

I hope you like my stories.
Life is pretty good.
I hope you can see that.
Happy gardening