We are selling happiness - Jun 19, 2020

Art, flowers, family, happiness.

Dear gardening friends
What an amazing week we've had.
Fruit trees, spring blossom trees, standard roses and Peter The Greek, all turn up on the same day!!!!!!

My eyes were glazed over yesterday as I looked at the work we had in front of us.
Hundreds of fruit trees, spring blossom trees and Standard roses all turned up on the same day.

Just as I was coming to terms with my day ahead Peter The Greek turned up!!!!
I didn't even argue about coffee this time.
I just sat him down, and made him a cuppa. He had some exciting news.
"You're not going to believe me Tim,
Succulents are the next big thing!!!!!"

He's right of course. They are huge all around the world at the moment.
They can be grown in pots or gardens and there's so many varieties, you'll never have them all. That's why they are collector plants. That's why we sell so many.

Achille called in with a Rooster this week.
It's his latest tyre art project.
We are slowly being overtaken with his creations. He brought a one eyed Minion too. It keeps staring at me!
I'm watching Achille come to life as we discover his creations sell like hot cakes.
His dress sense has changed too.
He's the coolest dude in Campbelltown now.
We don't just grow plants.
With your help, we grow people too!
Come see his collection.

Libby Cameron just popped in with some of her gardening friends from Bowral this week. You might not know her but she's a legend in the horticulture industry.
Libby lives in Newport, so she met her friends from Bowral at Tim's GC.
The girls were all beautifully dressed.
I suggested they go to Campbelltown Art Gallery for lunch.
It's a fabulous spot.

Libby has been a long time gardening friend of mine. I seem to bump into her at Nursery Christmas Parties, and we always end up making each other laugh.

She came to horticulture late in life.
She was a Pharmacist.
Her father was a GP, and the family lived at the surgery, when she was growing up in Eastwood.

She moved to England when she left University and practised Pharmacy.
It was great she said.
"I did very well"

But when she returned to Sydney she "got sick of seeing sick people".
She got a job in a nursery, and decided to help heal people through gardening.
She did a horticulture course then started her own gardening school in an old scout hall with a friend.
It ran for 8 weeks.
She noticed that many of the nurseries customers "knew nothing about plants".
She loved horticulture, she loved teaching people too.

Her employer at the time, Michele Shennen, was talking to Sandra Ross one day, and Sandra was saying, how Ross Tours were looking for Tour Guides.
"I've got the perfect person, Libby Cameron".

Libby has been working for Ross Gardening Tours ever since.
"I love it, I love being the centre of attention".

She tells me she's got groupies that have followed her all around the world.
Women live longer than men, and I think this must be how they get revenge.

Libby isn't working now. The travel industry is on hold at the moment.
She's doing more gardening at home.
She guerrilla gardens too.

Her secret to life is laughing she tells me. "When I'm on tour we have to beat our chests on the bus, first thing, and try and laugh. Eventually I've got a bus load of oldies all laughing, it's infectious".
She's laughing when she tells me this story and I start to laugh too.

Libby always has stories.
Where's your favourite country?
"Malaysia Borneo, it's fabulous.
Unfortunately my lovely guide there died recently, he liked the street food too much, he was a very large man".

Pig's helping to raise money for The African AIDS Foundation in Camden.
They do great work in Africa.
The Red Scarves were so successful we've sold out. But Pig is a lot like Zoolander.
He can make any colour work.
"Work baby, work".
If you bought a red one, you'll need a black one too.
Warm neck, happy heart.
Giving is living.
You'll find them on the counter.
Only $5.00.
All proceeds to AAF.

There's so many beautiful colours in Camden at the moment.
So many beautiful trees are still showing autumn colour.
I took my wife in to have breakfast, then I got a haircut. "Number one all over mate",
he even trimmed my eyebrows.
As I was getting my haircut, I could see a beautiful tree in the reflection of the mirror.
I've watched this tree grow up.
It's amazing.
I pay for my haircut and wander outside. There's an older guy standing beside the tree having a smoke.
"I've just been watching that tree in the mirror." I tell him. "It's beautiful, it's grown so fast, I'm loving it."
"It's dropping leaves, nobody comes to clean them up, it's messy" he replies.
There are always two sides to a story.
I prefer my side.
He doesn't realise he's talking to the wrong guy.
"I'm a tree lover mate". I tell him.
I wander up Argyle street to find my wife.
I discover this Chinese Tallow tree on the other side of the road.
The sun is just catching the leaves, the colours are spectacular.
"I've got to take a photo."
I tell my wife.

Standard Roses have arrived.
These are the best roses we've ever had.
We won't have them all potted up this weekend, but varieties include Mr Lincoln, The Macarthur Rose, Blue Moon, Double Delight, Just Joey, Freesia, Pope John Paul ll and White Iceberg of course.
Prices range from $45 to $65.00.
Some varieties won't be available this weekend.

My Rose grower was telling me that the Rose industry is in trouble. The people who bud them, come from overseas.
They can't get here at the moment due to travel restrictions. If they can't get here in summer the Rose and fruit tree industry could collapse.
It's that serious.

Winter is beautiful in Macarthur.
Come and see us for plants, art, flowers and happiness.
Happy gardening