Pig found at a bus stop? - May 29, 2020

What's the best indoor plant ever?

Dear gardening friends

A big thanks to Jordan, who answered a cry for help this week.
A man riding a bicycle, noticed some boys, sitting at a bus stop with Pig.
As he rode past our nursery he confirmed that Pig was actually GONE!

He raised the alarm with Karyn at the counter, and she made a PA announcement.

Jordan came out of the blocks faster than Usain Bolt, racing down Queen Street in pursuit of Pig.

There was Pig still sitting at the bus stop, the mischievous boys had flown the coup, on a bus bound for Minto.

Pig has always wanted to go on a bus.
But maybe to somewhere more exotic?
He has dreamed about running away with the Moscow Circus too.
But it can get cold there in winter and Pigs pink bits could get even pinker.

We all wanted to hi 5 Jordan, but we can only dream about that now.
We gave him the elbow instead.
Pig's back at work today.

There's talk on the street that the boys were really after Pig's Red Scarf.
He's started a new fashion trend in Campbelltown.

Watch this space.
The Red Scarf could go on sale soon to raise money for a charity.
I know Jordan's been dreaming about owning one.

Grevillea "Spirit of Anzac" was bred in Kings Park Botanic Gardens, by Digby Growns. You may have seen Digby recently on Gardening Australia. He is responsible for breeding some of the most amazing drought hardy, disease resistant, new native plants.

Grevillea Spirit of Anzac flowers every day of the year!!!!!!! The blood red flowers are full of nectar, so they attract native birds into your garden.

The flowers contrast beautifully with the grey foliage. It's non prickly.
It grows up to 2 metres high,
but it can be pruned to any size.

We have beautiful plants in the nursery today from just $17.99.
It's a beauty.
Zoom zoom.

I smiled yesterday.
A small boy in his school uniform came shopping with his mother yesterday.
I asked him how he was going and his response was "great".
He showed me that he had two Illawarra Flame Tree seeds in his small had.
He was obviously excited about taking them home and growing them.

We've given over 1,000 seeds away in the last 4 weeks. We are keeping this free offer going, because it makes me excited too, to think that many of these trees are going to grow in Macarthur.

How exciting for a young boy or girl to grow their own tree from seed?
There's nothing better.
Pick up your 2 free seeds on the counter today.

These seeds have been collected by me from Sydney's University Veterinary Campus at Cobbitty. They have a row of these beautiful native trees growing in the grounds. They are such beautiful shade trees with the large green leaves that look like giant hands.

Of course the red flower/bracts look amazing in November too.
The seeds are easy to grow.
Soak in water overnight then plant in a pot using Tim's Best Potting Mix.
Yes it's still just $10.00 a bag.

Scientists have discovered that plants don't just look good, they make you feel good too.

Indoor plants in your office space makes you more likely to come to work.
This Kentia Palm has been growing in my home office for 15 years plus. It survives with little care from me.

It's slowly turning my office into a jungle. I'm expecting to see Monkeys sometime soon.

Kentia palms are actually native to Australia.
The Seeds from the Palms, that thrive on Lord Howe Island, are exported around the world, to be grown as indoor plants.

They are so hardy, they are used by the Indoor Plant Hire Industry.
Kentia Palms and other indoor plants remove dangerous toxins from the air, they are nature's natural air purifiers.
You need at least 6 plants to clean the air inside your house.

Don't forget that the plants in your garden are making the air cleaner for your family too.

For more gardening information go to www.plantpals.com.au/.
It's a new website set up by The Greenlife Industry of Australia to help you become better gardeners.
Watch videos by nursery gurus from around Australia. My favourite is Milton Vadoulis.

New Season Rose Bushes will be available from next weekend. We've had so much interest. We have 2,000 new releases and old favourites coming. Prepare your soil this weekend, by digging in Tim's Cow Manure.
This is real cow manure.
Your Roses will love it!!!!
Happy gardening