Have you caught Granny Fever? - May 22, 2020

It's spreading across the world!

Dear gardening friends
I've just spent 20 minutes netting leaves out of my pool. My Manchurian Pear Trees are dropping leaves everywhere in these windy conditions.

When the winds not blowing, I look up at these leaves with wonderment. Today they are work. We need to be careful that we don't judge a tree, on its worst day of the year.

Just remember these trees keep us so much cooler in summer. And now that the leaves are falling, it will allow the sunshine in, to warm your houses.

A lot of trees get chopped down in autumn, and it's not until the following summer, that we regret that decision.

Those leaves in the pool got me out in the fresh air, they got me out in the garden.
They gave me some exercise.

Our amazing Zygo Cactus, from a collector in Victoria, arrived yesterday. These caused a sensation last week and we sold out in 24 hours.

Once known as a "Granny plant", they are now in fashion, big time.
So is grannies Parker furniture.

When granny drops off the perch, it will be the Zygo cactus, that disappear first.

Our Zygo Cactus selection is amazing. Each pot has several plants in colours not seen before, except on EBay, where they sell for big bucks.

Unfortunately they will sell fast.
We will sell out today.
It's not our fault.

"Granny Fever" is spreading across the world. That's the real reason we've been in lockdown.

If you're new to indoor plants, or if you're a known plant killer, then you should try one of these.

Spathiphyllum or Peace Lilly, is one of the hardiest indoor plants, on the planet.

In bright light, it will produce these spectacular white flowers throughout the warmer months.

If it's not in bright light, then it will grow these lush green leaves without much care from you.

The secret to getting indoor plants to survive, is to repot them into a bigger pot on the day of purchase.

Nurseries are selling the plants because they have reached their potential in the existing pot.

If you don't repot, the plants vigour, and health, will decline in the coming months. Burnt brown tips, are a sign that your plant needs repotting urgently.

I've noticed that most people buy a pot, that's almost, exactly the same size as the existing pot.

This isn't going to help your plant survive, Buy a pot that's at least 25-50% bigger and get it right.

Potting mix holds the water and nutrients, so the more potting mix there is, the more chance your plant will survive, between watering.

Sadly, there are so many potting mixes on the market, that are so poor in quality, they will not make your plants grow better.
Some will even make your indoor plants look sicker.

When this happens you blame yourself and tell everyone proudly that you're a plant killer!

You never suspect that the potting mix you bought, wouldn't make plants grow.

Surely if it's sold in a big successful business, that people trust, it must be good?

I've been waiting for Choice Magazine, to do a story on Potting Mixes, to expose these fraudulent companies who make the mixes and the stores that sell them.

They use buzz words on the packaging like "Rich and Organic".
It might be rich and organic but nothing grows in it.

The plants turn purple, stop growing and remain stunted for ever.
You resign from gardening and become a "Brown Thumb" for life.
How sad.

We gave away free "Money Plant" Cuttings last year. It was a huge success.
Crassula ovata is commonly known as The Jade Plant, Lucky Plant, The Money Tree and The Money Plant.
We are giving away 2 cuttings today and over the weekend.

It could be argued, that the Chinese haven't had a lot of luck recently.
This plant might work for you?

Grab a bag of our Tim's Best Potting Mix while you're here. It's just $10.00 a bag.
You're luck Is changing already.

Cuttings are at the front counter.
Pots are in our Pot Recycling bin in the car park. If you've got old pots, bring them with you.

Simply pot up your cutting.
Put it in a sunny spot outside in the sun.
It will grow roots in about 4 weeks.
Keep the soil moist.

It can be transplanted later into your garden or grow it in a pot. The bigger the pot, the bigger it will grow. Place near your doors to stop the wealth escaping.

If it gets lots of sun, it will flower at this time of the year. If it doesn't get much sun, it will still grow. They are super tough.
Get your kids involved.
They love Succulents.

I recently asked one of our Grevillea collectors to name his favourite Grevillea.
I was in his garden at the time,
he had over 100 Grevilleas.

He gave it some thought before he finally announced with confidence "Honey Barbara".
I was a bit surprised.
It wasn't a Grevillea that I'd heard much about. He waxed lyrically about the stunning honey/orange flowers and how the birds turned up every day to feed on the nectar.

We stood there starring at it for quiet a long time. It got awkward.
I've been hunting for this Grevillea ever since.
It's turned up today.
We have both sizes so you can afford this even if you're on a budget. $16.99 and $29.99.

They are beautiful fresh plants just waiting to take off at your place.
They grow 3ms high by 2ms wide.
They can be pruned.
They make birds happy.
They will make you happy too.
They grow best in the sun.

I've had lots of customers asking about Rhubarb. Rhubarb crowns have arrived this week. These mature plants will produce red edible stems this spring and summer.
They cost just $12.99.
Prepare your garden with Tims Cow Manure for best results.

Rhubarb can be grown in a large pot too.
Use our Tim's Best Potting Mix.
Sunny spot.
It's easy to grow.

Lots of rain overnight.
Your garden will be happy.
Happy gardening