Gardening secrets revealed! - May 15, 2020

It makes cats go crazy!!!!!

Dear gardening friends
Janiece Kalmar came in during the week to pick up her Stephanotis vine. Her name is pronounced Janeeeeeeece.
I keep forgetting.

You can't find this highly perfumed climbing plant in nurseries these days, so it's become a bit of a collectors plant.

The highly perfumed white waxy trumpet shaped flowers were used in bridal bouquets in the 50s and 60s.
The perfume is amazing.

Janiece's garden is so full of trees, she will have the perfect spot for this afternoon shade loving climber. She ordered it a few weeks ago, and I bought a few extra, just in case other garden lovers, would like to grow one too.

But Janiece didn't just buy a Stephanotis.
She is famous, for her massive baskets, of Zygo Cactus, that thrive on her front verandah. I took this photo of her and her beautiful pink Zygo Cactus basket, a couple of years ago.

She was beautifully dressed this day, with her matching outfit, that just made her Zygo Cactus pop.

Zygo Cactus aren't really Cactus.
They don't have thorns.
But they do have these spectacular flowers during the cooler months.

Some gardeners try and grow them inside the house, in bright light, but they grow and flower, so much better, outside in a shady spot.

Janiece's patio faces east, so her plants get morning sun for a couple of hours, then shade for the rest of the day.

She bought 4 new plants yesterday.
We buy these, Collectors Zygo Cactus, from a nursery in Victoria. They are named varieties and they are only $7.00 this week.
These are just some of them.
Dutch Yellow
Purple Dancer
Caribbean Dancer
Cyber Dancer
Exotic Dancer
Sunset Dancer
Thor Freya

Janiece also bought a Yates Tuscan, Self Watering, Hanging Basket, to grow her Zygos in. She is going to plant all 4 plants in the same basket. This will look amazing, next year, when they all come into flower at once. It's going to be WOW.

Janiece always uses Tim' Best Potting Mix.
This Potting Mix is just one of the reasons, she has so much success.
Janiece is a green thumb.
Her garden is a botanic garden.
Full of beautiful trees, shrubs and flowers.
There's always room for one more plant.
Yesterday she took home another 5!!!!!

If you love Zygo Cactus too.
Come for a visit today.
These collector plants will zoom zoom!!!!!!

I've planted Johnny Jump Up Violas in a pot near my front door. I have to pass this pot daily on my way to the garage.
It always makes me smile, to see these beautiful purple, and yellow flowers.

Violas are one of the easiest potted colour plants to grow. They thrive in the cold weather, and they will flower non stop from now until November. Seriously, they are incredibly tough.

We have them in punnets or potted colour.
Grow them in pots, baskets or gardens.
They like sunny spots.
Use our Tims Best Potting Mix, which is still just $10.00 a bag.

Use IGC Planting Compost if your growing them in your garden. These little cuties will make you smile all winter long.

Flowers make us happy.
The more you have,
the happier you will be!

Achille Onana dropped in yesterday.
He's been dreaming up more creations, that he can make out of old tyres.
I wasn't expecting a giant crab!!!!!!

His collection grows every week.
We've got Elephants, Cats, Frogs, Snails, Swans and Toucans.
Oops I've forgotten the Robot.

Achille is an artist.
The Crab is $59.99.
Only a matter of time before we get a Lobster!!!!!!!
It will be much dearer.
Lobster always is.

Some good news for gardeners.
Our herb and veggie seedling selection is slowly returning to normal. Which means we probably have what you've been after now.

Cat Grass is back!
Cat lovers know just how much their cats love this nutritious filled organic treat.
Cats go a little bit crazy for life after eating it. Perhaps we should be eating it too?

We have so many new plants in the nursery this week. We had 5 deliveries of plants from Victoria yesterday.
Cold loving flowering plants that will thrive in your garden throughout winter.
Come see
Zoom zoom

Happy gardening