We’ve got flowers for your mum! - May 08, 2020

Flowers with roots, last longer!

Dear Gardening Friends
It's Mother's Day this Sunday, and we've got great gift ideas, that will make your mum, love you more.

We have spectacular flowering Cyclamen, that will flower non stop, for the next 6 months. These are much better value than cut flowers, that will be dead, within a week.

Tell your mum, to grow her Cyclamen, outside in the cold, so she can enjoy the flowers throughout winter and spring.

Cyclamen have been sold as indoor plants in the past, but they actually love being outside, in the cold. Get mum to grow hers on the BBQ setting, where it gets morning sun, then shade. The results will be spectacular, especially if you get us to repot your Cyclamen, into a bigger pot using Tim's Best Potting Mix.

This amazing Potting Mix, will allow your mums Cyclamen, to reach it's full potential.
Bigger plants get more flowers.
It's that simple.

Ask her to water the plant just when the leaves start to droop slightly.
Give it a big drink, and just enjoy these beautiful flowers for 6 months or more.
We have beautiful plants from just $14.99.

We've also got beautiful flowering Chrysanthemums, that we've sourced from a specialist grower in Queensland. As you know, everything grows bigger up there.

These potted Chrysanthemums will flower for weeks inside, then your mum, can plant it in her garden, where it will grow into a small shrub, that will flower again, next year at the same time. It just makes sense.
These beautiful plants are only $13.99.

Of course, you might like to get your mum one of our $50.00 Tim's Gift Cards for just $40.00. Be sneaky, and buy yourself one too. They are not redeemable until after Mother's Day.

We did a story on Philodendron BIRKIN last week. This amazing variegated indoor plant, is so easy to grow. I was visiting a nursery during the week and discovered super advanced Philodendron BIRKINS that could sell for just $35.99.
These are collector plants.
We do have them in smaller pots too, for $19.99. Buy a ceramic pot and we will repot it for you using Tim's Best Potting Mix.

Indoor plants need to be watered only once a week. When ever you buy an indoor plant, they will grow better, if you repot them into a bigger pot, straight away.

Our Tim's Best Potting Mix is still on special, for just $10.00 a bag, but this sale, can't last forever. We can help load your car.

It's a great feeling, knowing that our new gardeners, are going to have success, when they use this amazing product.

Whether your mum is a green thumb, or a rookie gardener, we have an indoor plant that will make her happy.

Happy Plants arrived this week.
I've spoken before about a Happy Plant in my parents house, that has been there for 30 years plus. It still looks amazing.
I've recently cut it back by half and repotted it, using Tim's Best Potting Mix.

Happy Plants are incredibly hardy, indoor plants. If they flower the Chinese believe you will come into wealth. My parents plant has never flowered, but we haven't given up.

This plant has been cleaning the air of dangerous chemicals, for 30 years, so it's been amazing value.

We have beautiful indoor plants, and gorgeous ceramic pots, that will make our plants pop. If you buy both from us, we will repot them for you, using Tims Best Potting Mix. Of course this service is for smaller pots and plants. Not plants like my mums.

A new Grevillea has arrived this week all the way from Western Australia. It's called Grevillea "Tangerine Dream".
Lots of gardeners have been waiting for this.

You may have seen this on Gardening Australia. It was bred at Kings Park Botanic Gardens in Perth.

Grevillea Tangerine Dream has beautiful orange flowers all year round.
It only grows 1mx1m so it's the perfect sized native plant for today's tiny gardens.
The flowers attract nature into your garden, which helps your mental health.
This is so important, with us spending so much more time, at home.
Nice bushy plants are $35.99.
It's a collector plant.
Supply is limited.

The autumn weather has been amazing.
Thank you to everyone who has visited us recently. We would love to see you this weekend.

Happy Mother's Day to you and your family
Happy gardening