Tim’s FAST FOOD just $15.00 - Apr 24, 2020

It makes your skin and face look beautiful.

Dear gardening friends
We had a visit from Robbie Reynolds during the week. He looked like a Mad Scientist.
He isn't mad. He's just been in isolation for a month. He's gone too seed at the moment.

Robbie is the inventor of Tim's FAST FOOD fertiliser. 20 years ago, he came into the nursery with a new fertiliser from Germany. We trialled it here in the nursery, and we were absolutely amazed by the results.

Robbie offered to bottle it for us, he added a Wetting Agent to the mix, so it gets down to the roots fast. That's how we came up with the name FAST FOOD.

This fertiliser contains 14.1% Nitrogen so it makes your plants grow fast. It contains Phosphate and Potassium, plus all the trace elements.

Tim's FAST FOOD can be used on flower beds and vegetable gardens.
It's great for your indoor and outdoor potted plants.
Indoor plants dream about it.
Citrus, Roses, Gardenias, Blueberries, Azaleas and Camellias love it.
It's too rich for native plants.

We've dropped the price from $17.99 down to just $15.00 for this weekend.
So you can try it too!

We are open all weekend including Anzac Day. Out of respect for The Diggers we are opening at 10am on Saturday and closing at 4pm.

We have been flat out.
Please be patient with our staff.
Everyone has decided to become a gardener, all at once.

Tim's Best Potting Mix is still just $10.00 a bag. Here are the results, when you use this amazing Potting Mix. These Cos Lettuce seedlings were planted just 24 days ago.
They will be ready to eat in a couple of weeks. These cost up to $4.00 each in the shop, and they will never taste as fresh, as these home grown beauties.

Pick up your Tims Best Potting Mix today. We've got Tylor here, to help you load.
It's easy!

Life changes so quickly in the vegetable garden. These Sugar snap peas were only flowers last week.

Today they are crunchy, sweet, vegetable lollies. They will never make it to the kitchen. Those who hang the clothes on the line, at our house, get rewarded.
The veggie garden is on the way.

Yes it's time to plant Peas.
They are so easy to grow.

I dug Tim's Cow Manure into the soil before planting these, about 4 weeks ago. I dressed the soil with FAST FOOD.
I mulched with Sugarcane and planted the seedlings thru the mulch. I used Multiguard snail pellets. They don't kill dogs, cats, birds or lizards.

The Sugar snap peas have grown like crazy.
I water daily.
Success isn't an accident.
If you use great products, you get great results. It's easy.

We've had so much interest in Aloe Vera recently. Some people think it's a cure for the Corona virus?
It's not.

This is the Aloe they use in the cosmetic industry. The Gel that's found inside the leaves is cooling, and soothing, for all sorts of things, like Burns, Cuts, Bruises, Rashes, Welts, Itches and Blisters.
It's great for dry skin too.

We once had a sign in the nursery telling people that this plant made your skin and face look beautiful.
Buy one, or 2, if you're really ugly.
That sign didn't last long.

They grow really well in big pots, using Tim's Best Potting Mix.
They like a sunny position.
Squeeze the juice out of the leaf.
It's amazing.
Store your leaf in the fridge, wrapped in Gladwrap. It will last for months.

Some of our exciting new releases are back in stock this week. The Monkeys Tail Cactus and The Black Widow Plant.
They will sell out fast.

We have lots of colour in the nursery to make your garden smile.
Come and see us.
Happy gardening